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    The Story Of 1-Year-Old Abdullah Is The Story Of Yemen
    His parents traveled 15 hours by bus to bring him to a clinic to save his life. He weighed 6 pounds. And he could be one of the fortunate ones.

    Covid: Yorkshire brass bands 'fight for survival'
    Brass bands in the "Yorkshire heartland" say they are struggling to continue around Covid restrictions.
    Here are the biggest auto trends of 2020
    2020 was tough on many industries, but the auto industry actually saw some bright spots.
    Apple set to launch electric car production by 2024
    Apple has made advances in its secret self-driving car project and is set to launch production by 2024, according to reports.
    Denmark Reveals When Nord Stream 2 Construction Will Begin in Its Waters Washington recently nailed more sanctions onto the joint Russian-Western European energy infrastructure project, threatening to block access to the US financial system for companies providing insurance and certification services. Last week, Russian
    President Vladimir Putin expressed confidence that Nord Stream 2 would be completed.

    Jupiter And Saturn Will Be Together Again For The Holidays
    At least, that's how it will look to someone craning their head aloft. On the winter solstice, the pair of gas giants will appear closer to each other in the night sky than they have in centuries.

    Brexit: UK sausage makers face EU export ban
    Meat producers seek clarity over rules that mean some products cannot be exported to the EU under the trade deal.
    Who could serve in the Biden administration
    President-elect Joe Biden is set to announce who will serve in top roles in his administration in the coming days and weeks.
    Thailand's first COVID death in two months leads to tough new lockdown rules Thailand has brought in a range of new restrictions after the country's first coronavirus death in nearly two months.
    Nikki Haley Slammed for ‘Dated’ Scare Tactic Declaring Socialism Democrats’ 'Default Policy’
    Former US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley also insisted she was speaking out “for the sake of America’s future”, as she outlined her policy predictions ahead of the transition of power in the Oval Office to Democrat President-Elect Joe

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