• Re: [GIT PULL] alpha: cleanups and build fixes for 6.10

    From John Paul Adrian Glaubitz@21:1/5 to Arnd Bergmann on Sun May 12 08:20:01 2024
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    Hi Ulrich,

    On Fri, 2024-05-10 at 23:19 +0200, Arnd Bergmann wrote:
    The following changes since commit fec50db7033ea478773b159e0e2efb135270e3b7:

    Linux 6.9-rc3 (2024-04-07 13:22:46 -0700)

    are available in the Git repository at:

    https://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/arnd/asm-generic.git tags/asm-generic-alpha

    for you to fetch changes up to a4184174be36369c3af8d937e165f28a43ef1e02:

    alpha: drop pre-EV56 support (2024-05-06 12:05:00 +0200)

    alpha: cleanups and build fixes

    I had investigated dropping support for alpha EV5 and earlier a while
    ago after noticing that this is the only supported CPU family
    in the kernel without native byte access and that Debian has already
    dropped support for this generation last year [1] in order to
    improve performance for the newer machines.

    This topic came up again when Paul E. McKenney noticed that
    parts of the RCU code already rely on byte access and do not
    work on alpha EV5 reliably, so we decided on using my series to
    avoid the problem entirely.

    Al Viro did another series for alpha to address all the known build
    issues. I rebased his patches without any further changes and included
    it as a baseline for my work here to avoid conflicts and allow
    backporting the fixes to stable kernels for the now removed hardware
    support as well.

    Al Viro (9):
    alpha: sort scr_mem{cpy,move}w() out
    alpha: fix modversions for strcpy() et.al.
    alpha: add clone3() support
    alpha: don't make functions public without a reason
    alpha: sys_sio: fix misspelled ifdefs
    alpha: missing includes
    alpha: core_lca: take the unused functions out
    alpha: jensen, t2 - make __EXTERN_INLINE same as for the rest
    alpha: trim the unused stuff from asm-offsets.c

    Arnd Bergmann (5):
    alpha: remove DECpc AXP150 (Jensen) support
    alpha: sable: remove early machine support
    alpha: remove LCA and APECS based machines
    alpha: cabriolet: remove EV5 CPU support
    alpha: drop pre-EV56 support

    There are currently efforts to remove kernel support for older Alpha machines before EV56 such as the Jensen machines and I was wondering what the current status of the Linux kernel on your machine was.

    Arnd and Paul claim it's broken and no longer works, but not too long ago you confirmed that Linux 5.14 booted fine on your machine.

    Do you have any current data?


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