• "Back In Time" requests for translation (current completeness: 31%)

    From c.buhtz@posteo.jp@21:1/5 to All on Mon Sep 18 10:50:01 2023
    Hello together,

    I'm member of the upstream maintenance team of "Back In Time" [1] a
    rsync-based backup software, available in Debian repository as
    "backintime" and "backintime-qt".

    I would like to request Danish native speaker to contribute to translate
    the GUI of that application. Currently the translation into Danish is
    31% complete. We need to assume that there are no or very less Danish
    users or there is not much need for it if this value do not increase. We
    have to remove that language in that case to reduce maintenance burden.

    We don't have much text. There is just a little more then 300 short
    strings that need to get translated into Danish. It would be great if
    you could help that project and offer or review some translations on our Weblate platform [2].

    No one gets payed. No company behind hit. Even the maintainers and
    developers are volunteers.

    Please let us know if you would like to be named as translator in the
    credits (e.g. about dialog) of the software.

    Thanks a lot
    Christian Buhtz

    [1] -- <https://github.com/bit-team/backintime>
    [2] -- <https://translate.codeberg.org/projects/backintime/common/da/>

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