• Request for Danish translation help: Fevermap / GPLv3 mobile app to tra

    From =?UTF-8?B?T3R0byBLZWvDpGzDpGluZW4=?@21:1/5 to All on Tue Mar 24 12:20:02 2020

    This project is not (yet) in Debian, but as a fellow Debian developer
    I wanted to ask if anybody on this mailing list would be willing to
    translate our app into Danish?

    It is GPLv3 and source code available at https://gitlab.com/fevermap/fevermap

    To translate it copy, simply copy the en.json from https://gitlab.com/fevermap/fevermap/-/blob/master/app/src/assets/language/, translate it, and send it to me in email or submit it on Gitlab as a
    merge request.

    The UI is very simple and it takes just 15 minutes to translate it.

    Thank you!

    - Otto

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