• Post-Release Test Results for Debian 10.8 Live KDE i386 on real hardwar

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    yesterday I participated in the testing of release live DVD images for the old i386 architecture.

    Unfortunately, I could not test the KDE live image due to getting a black screen (with movable mouse cursor) on the installed as well as live disk. Later, I tried the DVD on another i386 machine and this time the GUI worked. I also tested the Calamares installer and although installation took very long by modern standards :) (~2.5h) it worked successfully. The only (minor) issue I experienced was that during the installation, KDE's lock screen (?) kscreenlocker_greet would sometimes start causing a black screen
    similar to the one experienced before on the other machine. This could be fixed by interactively switching to a VT and killing the kscreenlocker_greet process.

    I currently keep my notes of the tests including screenshots at https://masysma.lima-city.de/37/debian_i386_installation_reports.xhtml

    Having newly gained access to the Debian Wiki (thanks again :) ), I
    imagine it would make a lot of sense to move all these records to the Wiki? Are there already pages about installation walkthroughs "by screenshots"
    that I could add to? Are there suggestions for the names/paths/structure under which such pages might best be created?

    My first idea would be to create a subpage Teams/DebianCD/ReleaseTesting/Buster_r8/1105a and put all the screenshots from that test as well as hardware details there, then create a similar page Teams/DebianCD/ReleaseTesting/Buster_r8/1105c etc. I could link these pages from the overview table at https://wiki.debian.org/Teams/DebianCD/ReleaseTesting/Buster_r8
    This is just a basic idea though and I am happy for any better suggestions
    or comments.

    Thanks in advance



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