• Bug#802388: O: xml-core -- XML infrastructure and XML catalog file supp

    From Daniel Leidert@21:1/5 to All on Mon Oct 19 22:20:01 2015
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    Package: wnpp
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    I intend to orphan the xml-core package as announed here [1] and here [2]:

    [1] https://lists.debian.org/debian-qa/2015/05/msg00075.html
    [2] https://lists.debian.org/debian-qa/2015/08/msg00015.html

    The xml-core package provides e.g. debhelper tools and the basic XML catalog support. It is rather important and part of many Debian systems. It suffers from some design flaws, which have been ignored for quite some releases now.
    In [2] a way is described to fix them. The new maintainer preferably should have Perl knowledge and also make sure, the debhelper tools integrate with debhelper.

    The package description is: XML infrastructure and XML catalog file support
    This package creates the XML infrastructure directories and provides
    XML catalog file support in compliance with the current Debian XML
    Policy draft:
    * infrastructure directories:
    - /etc/xml
    - /usr/share/xml/{declaration,entities,misc,schema}
    - /usr/local/share/xml/{declaration,entities,misc,schema}
    * XML catalog schema: OASIS XML Catalog Committee Specification 1.0
    * update-xmlcatalog(8): tool for maintaining the root XML catalog
    file and the package XML catalog files in the '/etc/xml' directory
    as well as local XML catalog files.
    * dh_installxmlcatalogs(1): debhelper tool for installing local XML
    catalog files and registering XML entities in package XML catalog
    files and the root XML catalog file (requires debhelper package)

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