• Stepping back from the Debian XML/SGML team, effectively orphaning

    From Daniel Leidert@21:1/5 to All on Mon Aug 17 20:00:03 2015
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    Meeting at Debconf we discussed, how a policy compliant XML core and
    package registration system could look like. I'd like to share the

    - a package can install one or more catalogs, which go into the package directory in /usr/share (a catalog written by the package maintainer
    can of course be added)
    - all these catalogs get registered in a system wide catalog in /var/lib/xml-core/catalog via the <nextCatalog> element for every
    registered catalog
    - /etc/xml/catalog becomes a file shipped as a configuration file by
    xml-core, originally containing one <nextCatalog> entry pointing to /var/lib/xml-core/catalog.

    It might be possible to just adjust the existing tools in xml-core: dh_installxmlcatalog (install catalog files - maybe simply a pseudonym
    for dh_install) and update-xmlcatalog (can handle /var/lib/xml-core).

    This should (a) solve the issue of not preserving user-changes - the
    user can change /etc/xml/catalog, which is now handled as a
    configuration file. Further it should (b) finally solve the issue, that
    the 'prefer' attribute in a catalog must be considered (#763598).

    Please feel free to make the change or to further improve/fix the
    design (#626036, #637094, ...).

    I'm finally out :) If nobody steps up, the mentioned packages will be officially orphaned after September 2015.

    Regards, Daniel

    Am Freitag, den 24.07.2015, 17:40 -0400 schrieb Kristoffer Rose:
    Yes, that would be great! --Kris
    On Jul 24, 2015 5:35 PM, "Daniel Leidert" <
    daniel.leidert.spam@gmx.net> wrote:
    Hi Kris,

    Am Samstag, den 30.05.2015, 22:08 -0400 schrieb Kristoffer Rose:
    I have XML expertise, I am a DD, and I maintain nothing for now
    have a few ITPs out).

    Any chance you would be at DebCamp and could do a two day intense "catchup" on the involved work?

    I'll be at DebConf. Maybe we can meet there?

    Regards, Daniel

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