• Help with removing the Jruby build-dependency in mustache-java (#979845

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    Since I wasn't able to fix jruby in Debian in time for Bullseye, the
    Release Team has asked us to remove jruby from the key packages list
    [1], since while it's still in there, it won't be removed from Testing
    and it kinda needs to be.

    This means we need to make sure packages in that list don't depend on
    jruby anymore.

    So far Emmanuel Bourg kindly fixed #979723, while I took care of
    #979745. The only bug left would be #979845 on mustache-java, a package
    that has been abandoned by its maintainer a while ago.

    mustache-java is in the key packages list itself since tiles-request
    depends on it.

    Would someone have time to take care of that bug? As mentioned in
    #979845, the latest upstream version does not depend on jruby anymore.

    I spent an hour looking at the changes 0.9.7 introduces, and I feel it
    would be more than a "small, targeted fixes" (the Soft-Freeze has
    started!). Maybe someone with more Java skills than I would be confident
    the update wouldn't break things right and left, as I'm not.


    [1]: https://udd.debian.org/cgi-bin/key_packages.yaml.cgi

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