• Ask for help on new pkg xperia-flashtool on classpath

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    Roger Shimizu 於 2020/12/10 上午1:27 寫道:
    Dear Thorsten,

    Thanks for your kind hint and help!
    Problem resolved, and I just uploaded the -2 version.

    Glad to hear it's solved!

    Just a personal opinion: Setting the classpath in the manifest seems inflexible to me because there is no way (at least not that I'm aware of) to tell JRE not to load the classpath set in the manifest. Kind of like the "SONAME" concept in a native
    library. In time, you might find it confusing when some dependency problem shows up again (e.g. loading 2 JARs with same classes). By not setting the classpath inside a JAR, it becomes more portable without being just an artifact in a distro.

    If I were you, I would prefer setting the classpath somewhere else and tell the launcher script to use it.



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