• Building jcabi-aspects

    From Mechtilde Stehmann@21:1/5 to Debian Java on Tue Dec 29 16:50:01 2020
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    I have the following scenario:

    I want to build jcabi-aspects with I need as a dependency


    When I build it I get the emssage like:

    [INFO] -------------------------------------------------------------
    [ERROR] /build/jcabi-aspects-0.22.6+ds/src/main/java/com/jcabi/aspects/aj/NamedThreads.java:[32,33]
    package com.jcabi.aspects.version does not exist

    This class will be build at build time from a template.

    Is it possible to control the sequence of building. So this needed *.jar
    is ready before the main part is built.


    is it a valid way to first build this class as a binary package and
    take it as a dependency for the main package.

    and how is the best way to document it, that the ftp-master get the
    notice, when I upload it?

    What is the prefered way?

    Kind regards

    Mechtilde Stehmann
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  • From Sudip Mukherjee@21:1/5 to mechtilde@debian.org on Sat Jan 2 02:10:02 2021
    Hi All,

    On Fri, Jan 1, 2021 at 9:44 AM Mechtilde Stehmann <mechtilde@debian.org> wrote:


    a good and healthy new year.

    I found the problem I had. but I don't understand it.

    I excluded the file hs_err_pid33295.log. IMO this file doesn't follow
    Policy and DFSG as source file.

    But only with this file it builds successfully

    Can someone explain it?

    I have already had a chat with Mechtilde on irc about it.
    Its failing to build with the version is changed to include '+ds'
    after the file is removed. If the '+' sign is removed and replaced
    with '.' or '~' then it builds fine.
    It seems the failure is with javax.annotation.processing.processor,
    not sure why the annotation processor with fail with '+' in the name.


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