• Android Tools Team Monthly Meeting

    From Phil Morrell@21:1/5 to All on Mon Jun 21 10:10:01 2021
    Hi everyone,

    The last Thursday of the month is upon us, so it's time for the Android
    Tools meeting. Please note the **change in time of day**: 15:00 UTC on
    Thursday 2021-06-24. If you are joining us for the first time, please
    join us on IRC:

    ircs://irc.oftc.net/debian-android-tools https://matrix.to/#/#_oftc_#debian-android-tools:matrix.org https://time.is/1500_24_June_2021_in_UTC/

    This month, openjdk-8 has been accepted into unstable, so the kotlin
    upload is now unblocked. The GSoC coding period has also begun. Feel
    free to reply with anything else to add to the Agenda or to let us know
    you will/will not be attending.


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