• Bug#931785: release-notes: bullseye: security suite renamed to bull

    From Paul Gevers@21:1/5 to Andrei POPESCU on Wed Mar 17 22:00:01 2021
    To: debian-doc@lists.debian.org

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    On 17-03-2021 21:53, Andrei POPESCU wrote:
    On Mi, 17 mar 21, 21:30:04, Paul Gevers wrote:

    Proposed patch attached.

    Any particular reason to use 'testing-security' instead of 'bullseye-security' for the archive name?

    Because I made a copy/paste mistake. I spotted the mistake while reading
    the thread, but forgot about it when I wanted the deb.d.o, in stead of
    the security.d.o. string.

    So, thanks.




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