• Re: Bug#932957: #932957 Please migrate Release Notes to reStructuredTex

    From RL@21:1/5 to Holger Wansing on Sun May 21 14:40:01 2023
    Holger Wansing <hwansing@mailbox.org> writes:

    as far as I know, sphinx/reStructuredText is still lacking some functionality,
    which is heavily used in the release-notes.
    That is the use of substitutions within URLs.

    You could always keep the entities and do a 'sed
    s/&oldrelease;/bookworm/g' etc before "building" with sphinx.

    That will not work.
    You cannot replace all 'bullseye' by 'bookworm'. There are places, where the 'bullseye' needs to stay. So that needs to be done selective one-by-one.

    I think you misunderstood: i am suggesting to make the .rst a hybrid
    syntax, which is mostly rst but with some 'entities'
    - where text is the same between releases (and where |RELEASENAME|
    doesnt do the rigt thing), we write '&oldrelease;' in the source
    - where text is about a specific release we write 'bookworm'
    (which is already what the README on salsa recommends)
    - build now involves
    a) pre-process with sed to replace &oldrelease; -> bullseye etc
    this produces a temp file with a pure .rst syntax
    b) run that temp file through sphinx to get the html

    - on the next release, all that needs to happen is to update the sed script in (a) to be use the new release name
    (as needs to happen with the XML entities when using docbook)

    bit hacky perhaps, but doesnt it work as well as what we have today?

    How does this all work with translations btw?

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