• Re: Bug#1035616: release-notes: Duplicate paragraph

    From Hendrik Boom@21:1/5 to Hideki Yamane on Sat May 6 17:50:01 2023
    On Sat, May 06, 2023 at 07:26:14PM +0900, Hideki Yamane wrote:
    Package: release-notes
    Severity: normal

    Dear Maintainer,

    In en/issues.dbk, below paragraphs seem to be duplicated.
    Not all the same, but mostly.

    <section id="before-first-reboot">
    <title>Things to do post upgrade before rebooting</title>
    <!-- If there is nothing to do -->
    When <literal>apt full-upgrade</literal> has finished, the
    <quote>formal</quote> upgrade is complete. For the upgrade to
    &releasename;, there are no special actions needed before
    performing a reboot.
    <!-- If there is something to do -->
    <para condition="fixme">
    When <literal>apt full-upgrade</literal> has finished, the <quote>formal</quote> upgrade
    is complete, but there are some other things that should be taken care of
    <emphasis>before</emphasis> the next reboot.

    These paragraphs use similarity to make it very clear how necessary action differ between the two cases. I would retain them as is.

    -- hendrik

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