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    From Hendrik Boom@21:1/5 to Paul Gevers on Thu Dec 15 23:40:02 2022
    On Thu, Dec 15, 2022 at 02:01:49PM +0100, Paul Gevers wrote:
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    Hi Alan,

    Thanks for your report.

    On 23-12-2021 12:34, alan wrote:
    As the subject says really. Quotes (" and ') in commands in the PDF Release Notes are "smart"/slanted (e.g. ”*” / ’hold$’) so when commands are copied from
    the pdf and pasted into a shell, they don't work. It's necessary to edit the
    command to put "straight" quotes into the command instead.

    (Annoying and unnecessary!)

    PDF I used: "Release Notes for Debian 11 (bullseye), 64-bit PC | December 14, 2021"

    It's quit a trick to get straight quotes in TeX even if you hand-code the TeX file.
    There's a TeX module calles ascii.something (I forget the file type). It defines coding for the ascii characters.

    I don't know how this relates to Docbook, though.

    -- hendrik

    The release notes are generated with docbook. I spend about an hour to find out how to prevent conversion of straight quotes to curly quotes, but I failed. I don't know how to fix this bug. The html version get it right, so
    I expect the issue to be in how LaTeX is called. If anybody knows how
    docbook and LaTeX work together and how to fix it, much appreciated.


    I tried replacing " with " and " but both were still converted to curly quotes.


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