• ASDA- Monthly Purchase Order

    From ASDA Stores Limited@21:1/5 to All on Fri Jun 24 23:20:01 2022
    Dear debian-doc

    We are interested in having some of your hot selling product in
    our stores and outlets spread all over United Kingdom, Northern
    Island and Africa. ASDA Stores Limited is one of the highest-
    ranking Wholesale & Retail outlets in the United Kingdom.

    We shall furnish our detailed company profile in our next
    correspondent. However, it would be appreciated if you can send
    us your catalog through email to learn more about your company's
    products and wholesale quote. It is hopeful that we can start a
    viable long-lasting business relationship (partnership) with you.

    Your prompt response would be delightfully appreciated.

    Best Wishes

    Mr. Hanes Thomas
    Purchasing Dept.
    ASDA Stores Limited
    Tel: +44 7418367220
    WhatsApp: + 44-7502985874
    Website: www.asda.co.uk

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