• [SECURITY] [DSA 5402-1] linux security update

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    - ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Debian Security Advisory DSA-5402-1 security@debian.org https://www.debian.org/security/ Salvatore Bonaccorso
    May 13, 2023 https://www.debian.org/security/faq
    - -------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Package : linux
    CVE ID : CVE-2023-0386 CVE-2023-31436 CVE-2023-32233

    Several vulnerabilities have been discovered in the Linux kernel that
    may lead to a privilege escalation, denial of service or information


    It was discovered that under certain conditions the overlayfs
    filesystem implementation did not properly handle copy up
    operations. A local user permitted to mount overlay mounts in user
    namespaces can take advantage of this flaw for local privilege


    Gwangun Jung reported a a flaw causing heap out-of-bounds read/write
    errors in the traffic control subsystem for the Quick Fair Queueing
    scheduler (QFQ) which may result in information leak, denial of
    service or privilege escalation.


    Patryk Sondej and Piotr Krysiuk discovered a use-after-free flaw in
    the Netfilter nf_tables implementation when processing batch
    requests, which may result in local privilege escalation for a user
    with the CAP_NET_ADMIN capability in any user or network namespace.

    For the stable distribution (bullseye), these problems have been fixed in version 5.10.179-1.

    We recommend that you upgrade your linux packages.

    For the detailed security status of linux please refer to its security
    tracker page at:

    Further information about Debian Security Advisories, how to apply
    these updates to your system and frequently asked questions can be
    found at: https://www.debian.org/security/

    Mailing list: debian-security-announce@lists.debian.org

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