• How to debug evince's inability to set custom keyboard accelerators

    From Bradley M. Kuhn@21:1/5 to You on Tue Nov 3 18:20:02 2015

    You wrote on 14 Marh 2015:
    I've been trying to debug Evince's inability to set custom keyboard shortcuts,

    I'm curious if you made any progress on this issue described in your
    original post to debian-gtk-gnome.

    I've encountered the same problem: I run XFCE as my primary desktop,
    with a few GNOME things running, and even if I set in dconf-editor org->gnome->desktop->interface->can-change-accels to true, I can't seem
    to get evince to allow me to change accel keys.

    Your process for debugging mentioned in your March message seemed right
    to me, but it looks like it didn't get you anywhere, so I'm curious if
    you've made other progress.
    -- bkuhn

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