• Sanskrit root for the English word 'devil'?

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    I'd like to ask whether you could help me to clarify the root of
    'devil'. I'm having a discussion with an American writer. We agree
    that some words from Indo-European languages have their root in the
    sanskrit stem 'deva', like 'deus' in Latin (consequently 'dios'
    [Spanish], 'dieu' [French] for example), 'divine' in English and so

    We disagree about 'devil'. In my opinion the English 'devil' and the
    German 'Teufel', too, have their root in 'deva' or 'div' while she
    says this is not the case.

    Now, there are some Internet sources supporting my opinion, but they
    all don't seem to be scientifically based enough. Do you perhaps have
    any idea?


    Heiner Kottmann

    i am a perfect layman in these things.... but according to me.... the asurs were the old iranians......devas and asurs were basically enemies and as such what aryans consider devi the killer of asurs .... the old asurs would consider an evil entity .....
    devi --> devil

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