• Plato on truth and lies

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    Plato on truth and lies

    Plato is saying along the lines of paganism as the truth, and where he is likely to make Jesus and Jehovah as lies,
    In contrast, our study of colour and existence is concerning the truth, and in the same way as paganism,
    For like the pagan about religion, we take our way as colourists, and we take our contest against the racist and his race and existence policy,
    For race and existence has become a lie in words, and for it is shocking the racism they were always about,
    For as a racist the man is cunning, and as a white boy, I assess him as a colourist,
    Plato must say, for Zeus to be the truth for Greeks, and for Yaweh to be a lie which is throughout the world,
    and as Plato finds Yaweh as something false, well he is reminded of what power Yaweh these days makes over the world, a power which is proven time and again,
    and for our study, we find a racist and his race and existence way, as having represented a false way,
    and colour and existence is about other things, and is always about colour and the truth,
    and here Yaweh has become false for Plato and the Greeks, and where Plato is saying, we find Zeus as the ultimate truth for every man and woman,
    and here our philosophy argument, it concerns the true and the false, and where Zeus becomes truth for the Greeks, and Yaweh becomes false,
    and as a colourist, what I say on colour is concerning the truth, and where the opponent commenrs on race and existence, and where it is false,
    and in the same way, Plato’s concern for Zeus as God, is both the Greek way for religion and existence, and as well is for race and existence,

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