• Plato and politics

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    Plato on politics

    Plato is saying, for politics Zeus is my helper, and here race and existence is referred,
    and in a way, we are colour and existence in contrast, and where we are brown and half brown, and as we follow Lord Buddha,
    for the court of Athens, they must concern both race and existence, and as well they concern religion and existence,
    for as well as Greek race, they have concern for a court all about Greek religion,
    and for a case in politics, we learn with a colourist South African for a politics,
    and as our politics bases itself through colour and existence, and where we are prepared to meet our enemy for war,
    for our enemy, they base a treatment where race and existence is referred, and as they base themselves as anglo-saxon,
    and as the colourisrs, we base ourselves as white and half white, and where there is no fear of they,
    and as we discover, Plato and the Greeks base their politics on race and existence, and where they are all right in compare to the Anglo-Saxon,
    and as our good teachers are colourist, and are namely both South African and Australian,
    for the Greeks, this difference will have been worth it to teach, as a multitude of Greeks will have liked the way of colourist and colour and existence,
    for my South African teacher, well Plato will have liked what a colourist is all about,
    for a South African teaches how life is either white, or is black or is coloured,
    it will have made Plato happy, and he will have agreed how colourist is fairer, and he’d say, we’re white and brown and the Greeks,
    and as we’d explain to Plato, how as colourists, we explain a good thing for our world, and where we are always commenting on the colour of people,
    and we explain to Plato, how the racist is to blame, and for he was not fair about race and existence, and where the world moved for peace and goodwill,
    for as Chomsky says, a colourist is way fairer, and where whites and blacks are to become equal for education,
    and we inform Plato, how on colour, we are prepared to meet our enemy for war, for our enemy are false about race, and they are offensive about it, and where there is only God for salvation,
    and in the same way as colourists, Plato and the Greeks were good for politics, and where they based both a religion and existence for a way, and as well a race and existence way of life,
    and as men and women, Plato and the Greeks took every right about Greek race and existence for politics,
    in the same way, colour and existence is our own work, and where we vote against the racism of race and existence,
    and where we vote for the people and their colour, and we meet the enemy of race and existence for politics and argument,

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