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    Nietzsche Letter
    The problem of colour for philosophy refers to the ancient Greeks, and namely through Democritus and Aristotle, and as they made publications on the topic,
    For you have said, colour becomes the origination of the person, and where they are brown or are black,

    Pierrot Letter
    I take on the colour analysis of a human being, and in the same way, as Freud and psychoanalysis,
    and in the same way, Heidegger does a same thing, where he takes on the existential analytic of a human,

    Nietzsche Letter
    For colour is the way and as you say, and where groups evolve, and in the same way as race, where they evolve themselves as brown,
    and here, colour is a more ethical way, and where people practice a kind way, and for toleration and peace,

    Pierrot Letter
    You comment about dreaming, and while I sleep, there is both light and colour to see, and where I am not sure,
    For the world of dream is a secondary way, and certainly the primary stuff for sense is while awake and thinking,

    Pierrot Letter
    As a colourist for way, I move from the Holy Bible, and for Lord Buddha is the way, and as we’re brown like himself,
    and as his comments became medicine, and where I embrace and take the medicine, and as we’re same colour as himself,

    Nietzsche Letter
    The new planet you comment of, it has a meta way for planning, and it becomes the future way,
    For as plan travel to there, we have plenty to carry out, and where it becomes metaphysics for we all,

    Pierrot Letter
    Yeah, and we have hope for the planet Kepler, where I see it as the way, and where we plan to apply experience and induction,
    We’re dreaming to win this, and where we thank God, and where ask him for the mercy and hope,

    Nietzsche Letter
    Here we plan to colonise the Milky Way, and where we argue between ourselves and where we wonder,
    and we thank the evolution of the earth, and for it worked out, and we are happy to have found Kepler,

    Pierrot Letter
    There is a goodwill throughout our world, and where we plan to travel and migrate this milky way and universe,
    and as a half brown I come round to meet Lord Krishna, and for faith and for the medicine of the colour brown,
    for I am half brown like the prophet himself, and where colour has a way which is psychological, and where we differ to other country,

    Nietzsche Letter
    For psychology and colour is the way, and where the people have heart as both white and half white,
    and colour becomes a civil matter, and where we meet for argument at the parliament,
    and where they say, we’re people of the church, and we answer, we’re to choose Lord Buddha,

    Pierrot Letter
    In the same way, I take to following Lord Krishna, and for peace, and for the world throughout,
    As we plan our journey to Kepler, and where we make Krishna a practice, and where we make and advocate the peace,
    and for Lord Krishna, I am a colourist on religion, and where I practice a fair way on colour,
    for Lord Krishna, he adheres both a black man and a brown man, and as he was a man of colouring himself,

    Nietzsche Letter
    and the people across Germany, they are waiting for God, and where the hope has become universal,
    in the same way as you Krishna, I here choose Lord Buddha, and for Jesus Christ became a fraud,

    Pierrot Letter
    For our way, Krishna is a justice, and through him there is peace accomplished, and where we enjoy the milk and beef,
    For it matters does our peace, and where a white man shakes hands with a brown man, and it was for Lord Krishna,
    and the only thing which matters is death, for it disturbs we, and where we weep it for our parents,
    for I wept another death as well, and as I voted for world peace, and here Lord Krishna became the way,

    Nietzsche Letter
    and remember, it was a slave morality which a white New Zealander imposed on all brown New Zealanders,
    for they as brown people, though they are like slaves, coming is freedom through their colour,

    Pierrot Letter
    We’re a colourist movement, and we make an improvement to our court of law, and where a brown man may compare to a white man,
    For across they are prejudice on race, and an improvement came, and where we judge they on colour,
    and where you say, they are brown, and are like slaves, and I comment, the colour brown for they is their own philosophy,
    in the same way, for black Americans, the colour black is own philosophy for themselves, and where they tear,
    and as brown New Zealander, they show a strength, and where the colour brown is an own epistemology,

    Nietzsche Letter
    Yeah my friend, the marron New Zealanders have had bad luck throughout, and where they profess hope,
    For they are not happy, and as they compare to slaves, and where there is hope all the way,
    and where they weep the way of Jesus, and where they read the holy bible, and where of God has come for they,
    and Lord Krishna sounds perfect for they as well, and with passion and potential peace for they,

    Pierrot Letter
    Yeah, they became common Christians, and where Jesus touched they for love, and where he says, it’s all right, I am the son of God,
    Where a white man says, and Lord Jesus is the way, and for we as the people, he has always been the love,

    Nietzsche Letter
    I took a way which was against Christianity, and though they profess the good way, and where I doubt they,
    For I account, they are not good at all, and the mission they take, is where they destroy everything for the sake of God,
    Here, I agree with Darwin, and where the earth has evolved over many hundreds of millions of years,
    and here, the evolution of colour is beginning its’ way, and where there is a hopeful path,

    Pierrot Letter
    and beauty is something has evolved, and it was either colour or race since the beginning,
    for education, we must learn to tolerate on colour, and where the marrons and blacks are a respect,
    and as they take a racial advance, they are certainly criminal, and we merely wait, and we apply a colourist medicine,

    Nietzsche Letter
    Throughout the world, there is joy about colour, and where they practice as colourists, and where there is victory,
    and for every type of human, there is the freedom of colour, and as we know, the white people all want to rule,

    Pierrot Letter
    You made the comment, God is dead, and you are correct in some way, and however, we need a God,
    and as follow and chant for Lord Krishna, we ask for peace for our earth, and we take pride for our victory,

    Nietzsche Letter
    and for what you say, there is disease throughout a world, and what must we do for it,
    for Satan is to blame, and we take an ethics wanting to destroy him, and here God promises to get rid of him,

    Pierrot Letter
    For prayer there is Krishna, and where take joy, and where take knowledge, and where I open my heart,
    For Krishna may heal the diseases of life, and here he touches and heals, and where we come unto himself,

    Nietzsche Letter
    For the mission of the earth, Krishna is the way for it, and for peace, and for seeing the good way,
    and your enemies, they are taken for examination and review, and where they fair? Probably not,
    and you are a human, and where you recover from the damage, and where you are a care throughout,
    and for my man, they were wrong, and they were bad and wicked, and there are human rights for they and you,

    Pierrot Letter
    and my maternal grandfather, I took for himself a handshake, and for he was the life for ourselves,
    for he was an Englishman, and I would follow him in life, and he was cheerful and wise for talk and meeting,

    Nietzsche Letter
    You are a loved man yourself, and where your mother loves you, and where others have offered love as well,
    For your country, you belong to the culture of they, and where they joy, and where they make a happiness,

    Pierrot Letter
    I was not happy, for the war happened, and the holocaust happened, and where I thanked God,
    For Mr Hitler has wronged the Jewish, and regarded a power, and as he took a mission for Germany,

    Nietzsche Letter
    Mr Hitler was not me, for I respect other people, and the movement of the nazis are declined by me,
    For the Jewish are a happy people, and there is my admiration for they, and with my respect as well,
    I was joyous about the falling of Nazi Germany, and what damage they done, and as a peaceful world wept it,

    Pierrot Letter
    and as colourists, colour and existence is our way for running the country, and where the enemy advocate a way of race and existence,
    for we are kind to people on colour, and where we champion equality, and where by law people are equal,
    and remember, the enemy have become racist, and they run the country the other way round, where they take on race and existence,

    Nietzsche Letter
    and as we become colourist, we sacrifice a lot, and for the enemy contested we at the court,
    and as colourists, we make a world as free throughout, and where human colour is a joy and pride,
    and as the enemy make possession for themselves, and where they rule the country with an iron fist,

    Pierrot Letter
    and colour has a communal way, where we become free as a group, and where it the way throughout,
    for colour is the morality of all human being, and where they ask for a respect, and where they are equal by law,
    where we commune as the colour brown, there is Krishna leading the way, and where we love and chant,

    Nietzsche Letter
    In the same way, Krishna is a religious music for people, and where countries across have voted for his way,
    For through the music of Wagner, in the same way, there is my peace throughout, and there is jubilation for me,

    Pierrot Letter
    I agree with you about Zarathustra the prophet, and for you comment the repetitions of his freewill and way,
    and as you next deny God, in the same way, I deny the criminal who racist, and for the way of people, and for the freedom for they,

    Nietzsche Letter
    I do not worry about God, and for I became an atheist, and where I take on a freedom of the world, and where I am at peace,
    and as we see it the planet Kepler, we take every right, and where there is our hope coming through,

    Pierrot Letter
    What happened last year, it was fatal, and as a disease ripped throughout the world, and where we regret it,
    and where humanity across our world took every right, and where prayer to God came through,

    Nietzsche Letter
    Death is always happening my dear friend, and as the disease came, we respect the peace of the fallen,
    and death will happen one day, and where you wait, and where you have hope for God, and there is plenty of faith,

    Pierrot Letter
    Colour is the morality of our own world, and where we respect they who brown, and where take they offers of freedom,
    For colour is a natural way for we all, and where we thank God, for as we say, we’re kinder,
    and remember, that colour is a posteriori, and though the enemy claim it to be a priori for way and material,

    Pierrot Letter
    My way has become for Lord Krishna, and as a half brown I follow, and where there is love and hope of a world,
    For I follow the scriptures, and I take the medicine, where I sip it for healing and life way of existence,

    Pierrot Letter
    and about Buddhism, you are correct all the way, and as it became the way for the west, and with the joy of it,
    for the prophet is for existence and being there, and where we are becoming for him, and where we feel forlorn,

    Nietzsche Letter
    and you comment about the Aotearoans’, and where they are doomed as slaves, and where the New Zealanders are vicious,
    and as brown New Zealander you champion they, for the colour brown is both a freedom and own philosophy for they,

    Pierrot Letter
    What is the word good meaning for you, for you say about, getting beyond where the Christians have gone,
    For what is good, we must meditate, and where the sunny day makes for the good weather and beyond,
    and here the Greeks you have to say of, where they went beyond in compare to others,
    and about the ancient Latins, for as a way for a court, the decisions they made, were for the good,
    furthermore, and as ancient Rome have executed Lord Jesus, we care this either way, and it needs another hearing at the court,

    Nietzsche Letter
    The Romans my man, they persecuted the Jewish and their following of Lord Jesus, and for law the sentencings were appropriate,
    and as we know, the Romans were against Lord Jesus, and for Rome were merely seeking a respect for people,

    Pierrot Letter
    I take up the Polynesians, and for the colour brown has become for they their philosophy and way of life,
    Lord Krishna is an appropriate way for they, for they are brown like himself, and the way here becomes colourist,
    In the same way, black America are choosing Lord Krishna, and for they say, our own colouring is the same as the way,

    Nietzsche Letter
    Krishna may as well be for the peace of our world, and where we follow, and where expect a happy and blessed outcome,

    Pierrot Letter
    For a consciousness, there is a love and way for Krishna, and where there is hope granted throughout,
    and here there is my meditation, and where there is peace, and where freedom is the way where we’re forlorn,
    for the Polynesians as well, Lord Krishna is a match made in heaven, and for both sides are brown, and where there is welcome,

    Nietzsche Letter
    Lord Krishna is the journey for existence and love, and where faith for him has become existence and way,
    For the prophet is for the hope and goodwill of earth, and where prosperity is planned so well,
    and for the extension of our universe, there is the existence of ourselves, and there is our practice of love and hope,

    Pierrot Letter
    We practice a peace and happiness, and here for Lord Krishna, and where we are willing for a world,
    and where the categories of colour are tolerate, and for the happiness of people, and for the goodwill of earth,
    and as a half brown, Lord Krishna becomes the way, and where I make him my music and passion,

    Nietzsche Letter
    Truth is the way of our world, for colour becomes the truth of a world, and where existence is a light for all,
    and as they propose as colourists, they see a wealthy way for colour, and where the country may afford,

    Pierrot Letter
    Yeah, and my country New Zealand, they are bad, and for they base a way for race and existence,
    For the Aotearoans’ have become a dying race, and where they are bad and malicious right through,
    For the soul of a human being, I refer to colour and nothing else, for we champion they as the brown New Zealander,
    For they appear as a colour and existence themselves, and where it becomes an improvement for they,

    Nietzsche Letter
    For own existence and character, well colour is the way, and through colour, people are liberated,
    and as well, colour is something of a pride, and where like lions they take themselves in herds,

    Pierrot Letter
    I investigate the nature of truth and colour, and here colour is the way, and where every man has won,
    For the universe though, colour is in some way infinite, and where many are white, and where many are brown,

    Nietzsche Letter
    Where everything refers to colour, throughout our earth there is a mystery, and the people all have colour for the way,
    and as they make prayer to God, there is the prosperity of our earth, and where the outcome is for colour and way,
    for colour and existence, Jesus has become the way as well, and where his followers are both white and brown,
    and for my own review, I found Jesus a fraud, and where I took to agreeing, where Lord Buddha is the way,
    for Lord Buddha says, I do not worry about death, and where bliss and happiness becomes the way,

    Pierrot Letter
    Where we are white and half white, for a philosophy, we are colourist, and where origin is based on colour,
    and where we base a mercy for other, and this mercy is about colour, and where there is our care,

    Nietzsche Letter
    You champion a colourist politics and policy for our earth, and where the victory is throughout,
    and we’re human, and as humans we have colour, and where colour becomes existence,

    Pierrot Letter
    and here colour is form and way, where it is the form of existence, and where it is the form of essence,
    for a way, we look to stars, where we see the way, and where there is our hope, and where we rejoice again,

    Pierrot Letter
    We determine a way on colour, where as colourists we tolerate, and where the world becomes colour and existence,
    For the creation of our world, there was always colour and existence, and where God breathed it all through colour,

    Pierrot Letter
    I am to move on from the church, and for a bible read, there is still an existential reference and way,
    Where for religious education, I agree with you, and I choose Lord Buddha, and where I am same colour brown as himself,
    and for morality, we refer it as colourist, where we take on colour for both philosophy and religion,
    for colour is the formal way for being there and for time, and where colour makes they way for existence,
    for colour and existence, there are colour atoms as well, and they are for every last man and woman,

    Nietzsche Letter
    In the same way, I would rather follow Lord Buddha, and where my way is for the Hindu prophet,
    For Lord Buddha is the way, and he must be the joy of my life, and he must be for the wisdom of philosophy,
    I am a man who wants to help Lord Buddha, and for I bring him to the west, and for following and love and hope,

    Pierrot Letter
    For a philosopher, I am a colourist, and I am against Christianity, and where I follow Lord Buddha,
    The holy bible as well, I keep it for an existential reference, and where my existence it refers,
    Jesus was a Jewish man, and he said plenty about existence and love, and where we embrace himself,
    and a catholic portrays himself as a white man, and where I follow him by reading his New Testament,
    for the God of the New Testament, he brings me hope and salvation, and where there is an existential reference,
    and here Lord Buddha became a colourist reference, for his followers are brown and half brown,

    Nietzsche Letter
    I make Dionysus the way, and as I counter the Christian, and where my mission became for a pagan love,
    Where with celebration and drunkenness, and where we are happy, and where he paved our way,
    In the same way, there is Lord Buddha, and for reference and existence of people and our earth,

    Nietzsche Letter
    The Greeks were against Jesus and the New Testament, and here it all began, and where we have contested ourselves,
    I make Dionysus the way, and here I am brave, for my whole way is for an existence of hope and leap,
    In the same way, as a colourist you are ethically kinder than the Christian, and through Lord Buddha and existence,

    Pierrot Letter
    The planet Kepler has appeared, and our colourist method it will help, for the new planet it needs a peace across,
    Colour is like honey, and for diet and nourishment, where we are sure about the world and harmony,
    Where the prophet Krishna is needed, and for the peace between white people and coloured people,
    For the prophet comments against war, and he favours peace for our earth and the way of itself,
    We became against war for our planet Kepler, and as colourist, we do not fear the enemy,

    Nietzsche Letter
    I rested on the grass, and it was a sunny day in the park, and where I enjoy the warmth so gracious,
    The love of humanity is throughout the universe, and we must become lovers of peace, and we must be sure of this,

    Pierrot Letter
    I came to Lord Buddha, where I took his hand, and where talked about the prosperity of our earth,
    and Buddha says, remember what the anhilation of happiness may mean, and where it is always for our world,
    where I choose himself Lord Buddha, I take courage, and where I have come to him, and through colour as a reference,

    Nietzsche Letter
    Lord Buddha is the purest way for every man and woman, and the reference is either colourist or existential,
    For there is the life and as well repetition, and where Buddha has perfected the way and the hope,

    Pierrot Letter
    In the same way as you, I am against attending church on Sunday, and where I take to following Lord Buddha,
    I take my wine, where I enjoy it life, and where I relax, and where I am always happy for Lord Buddha,
    For Heraclitus and the doctrine of becoming, here I became a lover of colour way, where as a half brown I follow Lord Buddha,
    For colour as well, there is strife between people, and where they fight, and so it becomes another fight for earth,

    Pierrot Letter
    I make colour as the way, and where it became existence for me, and where it became the truth,
    and Krishna became for me life and reference, and where peace as our mission is important,
    where consciousness has become the absolute way, and where we are willing to love and through colour,
    for Krishna, there is colour and existence, and namely the colour brown, and where white people and black people are welcome,

    Nietzsche Letter
    You have gone through bad luck in a telling way, and where you are recovering so well,
    and colour is as well categorial, and the categories of colour are meant for religious following and devotion,
    and as well colour is corporeal, and where the body is white, or where the body is brown or black,
    for some, colour as well a way of bondage, where white New Zealander have taken brown New Zealander for bondage,
    and as the brown New Zealanders they have every right, and they were wronged by they,
    for an American says, the point of view remains, where the brown New Zealanders are legend for a world,

    Nietzsche Letter
    and at some point war is needed, and as we disagree about our enemy and the bondage which they are all about,
    where we rule, and as we class ourselves as both white and half white, and where the enemy are dangerous,

    Pierrot Letter
    and a fight has happened between classes, where white people and brown people have taken to a fight,
    and as whites and half whites we fight them, and here as the enemy, they are white and vicious,
    and as colourist we are white and half white, and the enemy are both white and racist for way,

    Nietzsche Letter
    Colour is something which takes experience for a way, and we as well become empiricists for it,
    For as colourists we have inducted enough, and we vote to meet the enemy for civil war,
    For as a colour way, we take to our faith for God, and we meet and talk, and we are confident for our country,
    and as we take on power, colour is authentic for a way, and as we’re colourists, and we’re democratic on colour,
    and here we rest and comment about Lord Buddha, where we enjoy the truth of knowledge and being there,
    for on colour, people are all the same, and whether they are white or whether they are half white,

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