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    Homer Letter
    This fair wife of your, you must win her, and as you are both half white, and as you are value forever and ever,

    Pierrot Letter
    So my Homer, we have the ambition to win our own country, and it was always fine and was always ours,
    For as a people, we’re half white, and we’re the same as the Greeks, and as we’re marron in the same way,

    Homer Letter
    For a people, your are all half white, and we wish you all the best, and it’s a matter of meeting the people who run the country,
    Where God is happy for you all, and where you are all innocent, and where he sends his love,
    Furthermore, your sister is half white, I make her the offer to marry herself, and for I wish herself my love,
    and you have come to meet me at my court, and where you may appear, for I approve you to appear,

    Pierrot Letter
    Where I appear at court, there is God, where I have made him prayer, and to make him happy,
    Yeah my Homer, a word with you is necessary, and for you are the great poet, and you done well,

    Homer Letter
    You are all right, and where there is for you a victory, and where you comment about half white,
    For we heard what the enemy were to say, and we went to court for you, and for you were innocent,
    You poet your way about religion, and where you champion Lord Buddha, for you say, like me he is brown,
    and you say, we’re half white for a people, we respect the welcome, and as Lord Buddha has welcomed,

    Homer Letter
    You will win it my man, for as you say, we’re half white, and we have a right within the world,
    and remember, they are white, and they take a possession of the world, and as they caretake a world,

    Homer Letter
    I approve you for a hearing, and where I want to know more about this appearance of your,
    You done well, and for your work on colour, for it impresses me, and as you comment on white and half white,

    Homer Letter
    Beware of the kind, and as he takes on the world a crown of possession, and where he comments on the protection of things,
    For the king says, you are half white, and I will respect you on colour, yet I have a crown for possession on matters,
    For your sake my friend, we commented at court, and we want to know more about your philosophy,

    Homer Letter
    My good man, we commented about your people, and you matter for the world, for you liberate they,
    and about your enemy, you comment well, and where you are human, and where God is for mercy,
    for as a people, we want to help, for your people are a respect, and for they are half white,
    and remember what happened, the murder of the Jewish, and they were wrong, and where they wronged your own people,

    Pierrot Letter
    As I appear at this court of your, can you help me in life, for I have took the trouble of life,
    For my people, they are half white throughout, and they suffer, and where there is depression and anxiety,

    Homer Letter
    We kept hearing about you, and with pride, and this half white wife of your, she has become a respect,
    For about this people of your, who are half white, we take an interest and with sincerity, and for what an improvement for our world,
    For the people of your, they are both white and half white, and they offer to meet the enemy for war,

    Pierrot Letter
    We declare to our enemy, we’ve interest for war, and for we, colour is a respect throughout,
    Where we shake hands with himself a white man, for he says, we’ll meet the enemy for war,

    Homer Letter
    Our king, well he likes hearing of you, and he says, possession my friend, it’s something which went on throughout a world,
    For Queen Victoria was not fair at all, where the possession she made was vicious and savage,

    Pierrot Letter
    Yeah, and I know as well, she’s unfair as the queen, and here we offer a war will settle it, and for we’re white and half white,
    We fight for survival, and a white Australian offers to help us, and where we pride ourselves about colour,

    Homer Letter
    I agree with a white Australian, and for peace is coming, and he says, we’re proud about white,
    For he says, yeah, half white are a respect, and as we’re white, and we love it all the way,
    and we’d approve you to meet Athena, and as she’s a Greek woman, well she’s attracted to you,
    my friend, you are fine, and with our friendship we continually comment, and you are all right,

    Homer Letter
    You have sacrificed a lot, and where we meet you here at court, and we shake your hand, and your mission is important,
    With pleasure and politeness, we greet you, and you comment about the colourist school, and you are heard by our country,
    and we witness what happened to you in life, and with care, and mistakes are mistakes, and mistakes always happen,
    for we asked you to appear, and there was much to say, and we approve the appeal for you,

    Pierrot Letter
    I wept it in life, and I suffered the pain throughout, where I promised other, and I plan a recovery,
    I take it to court, and where my enemies have caused me pain, and where I say, they were not fair,

    Homer Letter
    I attend the holy church, where I pray unto Zeus, and where I take much love for God, and with all my heart,
    For Zeus, is the care of our world, and where we concern enemy, and where there is hatred,

    Pierrot Letter
    Through God, my life is always happy and pleasant, and where I thank my mother, and for everything in life,
    I appear as well my Homer, and to meet you, and for fairness and life way, and where you pass a fair judgement,

    Pierrot Letter
    I always make prayer to God, and where he says, you are half white for a people, and you are all love,
    We have always prayed to God for mercy, and as we wept it, and where we lost to possession and bondage,
    Where God has teared it himself, and where there is his mercy, where he promises the salvation unto ourselves,

    Homer Letter
    You are half white my man, and we wanted a word with you, and we’re interested about your colourist school,
    and we hear what happened in life, and they blame it on the holocaust, and what happened on the Jewish,
    you are champion as well, where we ask you to appear, for a remedy is needed, for you are healing people as a colourist,
    your enemy have appeared, and we see they, where they have established themselves, and we defence law it for you,
    we promise you a victory, and where your enemy have wept it, and where they were wicked,
    you deserve to win this, and with friendship and support, and you were brave to run along after this,

    Homer Letter
    You are a philosopher, and where you help a world, and where you promise a victory, for you heal people on colour,
    and you comment, we’re half white, and this colouring is healing for many, and as they were weeping,

    Homer Letter
    Your sister, well as a Greek, I find her a wife, and as she was always pure and attractive for a woman,
    and you are welcome, and as you comment on philosophy, and where you free liberate and free many,

    Pierrot Letter
    For my country, I am to settle a few things, and as we’re colourist, and we’re white and half white,
    and as colourists, we’ve won this, and we’re fairer than they who judge by race and existence, and for colour is fairer,

    Homer Letter
    We run a legal court, and we pass to you our knowledge, and we see happiness coming,
    We have asked you to appear, for you make offer to help a world, and where they need the medicine,
    and remember, do love God for a way, for he will win you a mercy, and for you are for himself a care,

    Pierrot Letter
    You have helped me in life, where I thank you, and I sat there listening to you comment, and where I admire,
    I was feeling the doom that year, where I thanked you for meeting me there, and I made promise to meet you,

    Pierrot Letter
    I am another proud man for our anzacs, and we wept for they, and with pain, and with love,
    Where we wept it, and for they were young men, and they were our pride, and were our joy,

    Homer Letter
    You were injured early, and you slept much, and they prescribed you a medicine for help and cure,
    For a doctor has cared you, where he consulted the best deal for you, and where he made sure of your heal,

    Pierrot Letter
    I regret how much sleep I took, where I wonder to sleep again, and where I slept again, and the cure was complete,
    The doctor promised me though, that the medicine will cure me, and where is slept well with happiness,

    Pierrot Letter
    For our Australian and New Zealand Anzacs, we’re proud and for love, and where we take a meal for they,
    For they are our courageous, and are the love of both country, and they are the fallen, and where God loves they,

    Homer Letter
    We went to war as well, and we won, we defeared our enemies, and in an impressive way,
    War was the only way, and where Alexander was to settle things, where he prepared and done the damage,

    Pierrot Letter
    For I was not lucky early, and where I have made much money in life, and where my finance ran into bad luck,
    I make my living as a poet, and where I was always fond of my country, and where there is peace throughout,

    Homer Letter
    For war, your country done well my man, and as you saw the war memorial, and where there is peace and respect,
    The anzacs were the bravest, and as they charged at the Turkish machine gun, for the peace reckoned a day,
    As they were the fallen, we all heard, and our country wept it, and what courage it took of them,

    Pierrot Letter
    I am a hunter, and not a warrior at all, and where I doubt it, and do allow me to be a poet as well,
    Excuse me from attending the great war, and in return, there was my love and my devotion,

    Homer Letter
    In the same way as Socrates, you are about the truth of the world, and as you comment about philosophy,
    and though a philosopher, you must attend your comments about war, and you must support the fallen,
    where your country are arguing and are wanting to take a civil war, and where as the colourists your side of it are prepared,
    and the world promise peace for both sides, and where neither side has it, for the peace is throughout,

    Homer Letter
    As well my friend, it was a regret, and as we hear, they had issues, and where it was an implication,
    Yeah, and you appear for the goodwill of own people, and for your country as well, and where they reform as the colourists,
    For on colour, you comment of a respect, and for they who half white, and you help the country about the civil fight,

    Pierrot Letter
    Yeah, my man Homer, and this half white wife of my I admire, and she is a beautiful woman,
    and next we are meeting the enemy for a civil war, and as we plan to win her, and as the enemy are real about race,

    Homer Letter
    Yeah, they are brown for a people, and as you promise both hope and light, and where they are innocent,
    and for this half white female, she is brown and all the way, and she is a wife of our,
    we make her the offer of marriage, and as we’re fair on female, and we’re just for a court,

    Pierrot Letter
    Yeah, and a half white, he is fit to serve in our army, and he is the fair side of our country,
    As we prepare for war, and where a half white woman is respected, and we comment at our court,
    and where a white Australian has made promise of marriage, where he says, she’s ours my mate,
    where he says, we’ll fight this for every man and woman, and we respect the way as white Australia,

    Homer Letter
    Yeah, and as the Greeks, we offer to help the white Australians, and for colour is the way, and is a respect,
    For a half white woman, she is fine and pure, and we marry her, and for understand beauty,

    Pierrot Letter
    Yeah, and a Greek wife sounds perfect, and for I am half white, I will take her for marriage all the way,
    For her there is my admiration, and where I make her my love, and where I take for her my passion,

    Homer Letter
    When you return home my man, remember this court hearing, and for what impression you have made,
    and we like welcoming you as the Greeks, and we had a few words with you, and there is plenty say on life and way,
    you took a wound as well, and we cared it, and the wound is healed, and do thank our medical physician,
    for the doctor made sure for you, and he was brilliant, for we respected the wound as well,

    Pierrot Letter
    The medicine was brilliant, and I thank the doctor, and for I am healed of a wound throughout,
    Where for life there is peace, and there is happiness, and where I thank the medicine prescribed,

    Homer Letter
    In a way, your wound was fair for many, and for the Jewish fell, and it was fair to run a court for respect,
    We promise you a heal, and for the old wound, well it was there forever, and you had a right my good man,
    For the sake of war, Greece are with your country, and as we’re the west like yourselves,
    and as the colourists, there are things to settle, and as the world is a big bad place, and where there is bad and evil throughout,

    Homer Letter
    Your father Harold, he done well, and as a proud pom, and where he cared you, and where he loved you,
    We’re in the same boat, he says, and remember son, for I am gone, and where I watch from heaven,

    Pierrot Letter
    Where an accident happened to our world, and where Hitler was to blame, and we regret it,
    and as he murdered the Jewish, and we regret it happening throughout, and where it was a mistake,
    where we’re the half white people of Australia and New Zealand, we regret it, and where we hope for freedom and liberty,

    Homer Letter
    Take a look around Athens, and for you are the guest, and we’ll make it a great occasion for you,
    We’ll welcome you a good meal, and with dance and song for entertainment, and with prayer to God,

    Pierrot Letter
    The wound which I took, for it I will not take part in the fighting, for I was sick and not happy,
    I became a poet, and I had some lines to say, where I entertained the boys and with own poetics, and we made joy and feast,

    Homer Letter
    You are a worthy man, and your poem lines are worth it for the army, and where they thank you among people,
    You will heal from the wound, and for the wound is these days lighter, and where you may respect a recovery from it,
    and the civil battle has come, and it is becoming lasting, and there is safety, as the boys dug a trench,
    the enemy aim their rifles at the trench, and as we plan to charge them, and where we see ourselves winning the war,

    Pierrot Letter
    The Romans I am with as well, and with courage, and as they executed both Peter and Paul, and where we wept it,
    For history it was all interesting, and where I was a Christian as well, and where they were proud for a law court,

    Homer Letter
    Your father was an Englishman, and with comrades he attended the war, and where they drank beers and cheered,
    and do not worry about the Roman, for his fate came, and where it was himself to blame, and where he would not show others mercy,

    Pierrot Letter
    The war happened , where it broke our hearts, and we wept the mistake of the holocaust, and where God gave mercy,
    Yeah, and my father was British infantry, and he would comment about the holocaust, and where he found it a mistake as well,
    It will take we two hundred years to correct it happening, and where we thank God, and where we bless a world,

    Homer Letter
    Yeah, and the enemy, you were proud, and you comment a way of meeting him,, and as you said, we’re colourists about what his problem is getting,
    For the enemy say, we’re white and we’re German, and the white Australian appears for you, and where he offers to meet they,

    Pierrot Letter
    Yeah, and the enemy says of himself, we’re German, and where he means a threat, and where he does not respect other,
    I am respectful as a colourist, and where the man is a racist, and the world merely need to meet for business,

    Homer Letter
    Your mother loves you we hear, and for’s half white, and you remember herself suckling you for milk,
    and you say, I love you mother, and until the end, and I stay with you, and with love and promise,

    Pierrot Letter
    Yeah, I love my mother, and I am designed to appear, and where as a philosopher, I appear to helpt people,
    For a fair policy, I am at helping the brown skinned Polynesians, and where they are brown for a people,

    Pierrot Letter
    Remember, my father attended world war 2, and with courage, and where he regretted it himself, for the holocaust was a tear,
    I am proud of my father, and as he and the English won the war, where something went wrong, namely the happening of the holocaust,

    Homer Letter
    Though it happened the holocaust, w’ere to meet God for prayer, and for hope, and where life has become forlorn,
    Where God will bring here the love and the way, and where he says, I will bring you happiness and mercy,

    Pierrot Letter
    I took a beer, and I commented to some mates of my, and where we regret it the holocaust,
    My father said, we won the war, and where the victory was for God, and where we took beers and cheered,

    Homer Letter
    Trouble has happened, and it’s because of you, and we’re human ourselves, and as a wrong on the Jewish happened,
    Mark me as innocent, and for the holocaust was a wrong, where I took prayer, and where love came for they,
    Do rest my friend, and relax, and we need to comment this through, and we are to forget the holocaust,

    Pierrot Letter
    Yeah, and an American promises to help about the holocaust, and where he says, and the world are innocent,
    and he says, I will make sure of this, I plan to heal what they done, where the damage is shocking,

    Homer Letter
    Them good Englishmen, they saved our world, and where they invaded Normandy, and with hope and light for the Jewish,
    Where Americans and Canadians made sacrifice and with goodwill, and where God cares humanity,
    and do not worry about the events of the great war, and where there was heart, and where there was hope,
    the fallen are respected, and we weep for them, and it’s all that will matter, where we love our world,

    Homer Letter
    In the same way as your father Harold, you are brave, and you are admired like himself, and you are thankful to him,
    You were asked to attend war, where you say, make me the poet, and where I will make the report,

    Pierrot Letter
    As the Greeks, well you are all welcoming, where I appear at this old court of your, where I say, my mission is to help throughout a world,
    I love the way as a colourist, for I respect people, and no matter what the colouring, for I am fair on other,

    Homer Letter
    and as the Greeks, we are like brothers of your, and as we want to meet that man a nazi, and for courage and respect,
    and as your people are half white, and where you are innocent about the holocaust taking place,

    Pierrot Letter
    There is a civil war to fight, and we want to win this, and as we respect human being on colour, and where the enemy are at fault,
    Where they are bad and corrupted, and where we make prayer to God, and where there is hope and salvation for innocent people,

    Homer Letter
    When you have returned home, remember this court hearing, and we promise your country a victory,
    For as a white and half white people, your country have plenty to say, and where they plan a reform,

    Pierrot Letter
    We are planning to meet our enemy for civil war, and as a philosopher, most will choose to reform,
    God approves ourselves as the colourists, and where he loves we as the fairer side of our country,

    Homer Letter
    and the fight which took place, you feared as the poet, and you said the lines with pride, and where they drank beers for thanks,
    you done well, for the boys were tough, and where they held their own, and where they made sure of respect,

    Pierrot Letter
    I took up a career at poet, and as the boys came round for the fight, we’re the bravest, we’re the leopards,
    The fight took place with desperation, and there was pride and respect for both side, and where the fallen are remembered,
    I was a poet without fear, it took courage and inspiration of they, and they were the toughest,

    Homer Letter
    Our Greeks commented about you, and as they ate meal, and for you’re a brilliant philosopher for truth,
    You compare to Socrates, and for fame and wisdom, and as they hear you, your wisdom is as a colourist,
    In friendship, we the Greeks offer you a friendship, for we respect a half white man, and for you are a good and decent man,

    Homer Letter
    Your country are a people, and they welcome you for their victory, and as they reform for policy and politics,
    You comment for they a medicine for healing, and where you are a colourist, and your medicine is for ethics,

    Pierrot Letter
    Yeah, and my mission is to influence the people of Australia and New Zealand, for they both need a colourist medicine,
    and as well, I shook hands with my fathers people, an where as the English, they take up a colourist doctor and scientist,

    Homer Letter
    My friend, my medicine is for the world, and where we practicing helping others as the Greeks,
    For medicine, you done well as well, and you are both whites and half whites, where there is care, and where there is promise,
    You were not happy though, and they have wounded you again, and remember the mistake of the holocaust,

    Pierrot Letter
    The war which took place, it was far worse than any war previous, and we regret it, and for country and a world,
    We thank God for getting our people through, and for the holocaust happened, and we are always grateful to God,

    Homer Letter
    We vote, we’re to go to war, and through bravery, and what matters, is we’re to settle things,
    For war must happen again, and for fairness and pride of our country, and for the people and the peace,

    Homer Letter
    As the Greeks, we made our decision, as we wanted to follow you, and we comment a kind way,
    You say comments about Buddha, and we all want to know, what this holy man was about for life and existence,
    For you take heart about Lord Buddha, you have courage, and for you prefer following a brown prophet rather than a white prophet,
    and as a colourist, you choose Lord Buddha for a following, and your country agree with you all the way,
    and with pride and heart, colour means a lot to they, and where they shake your hands throughout,

    Pierrot Letter
    You must understand, the practice of colourist is fairer and nicer, and we regret the enemy who advocate the practice of race and existence,
    For I am plainly a champion about human colour, and for interest and ambition, and where a world needs liberated and freed,

    Homer Letter
    They follow you, and with admiration about the colourist philosopher, for as the Greeks, we’ve plenty to say on colour,
    We enjoy as the Greeks, where we assess people through colour, and where we’re fairer by a good mile,

    Homer Letter
    Some say, you have wronged a few during life, and where they regret life as the racists, and where they are not happy,
    They were not happy about colour and existence, and where they prefer the way of race and existence,
    What you say on colour is true, and you are wise like himself Socrates, for you love a fairer way for the world,

    Pierrot Letter
    and as the colourists of Australia and New Zealand, we promise to help in the civil wars, and we plan and project what we’re about,
    we fought with heart, and as we preferred colour for judgement, and we’ve the handshake of a white Australian,

    Homer Letter
    Jehovah made comment, and with strength and might, for you both impress, and what courage and bravery when tested at war,
    You were both proud lions, and as lions you were both to roar, and with heart, and where the doom made you all weep,

    Pierrot Letter
    and as white New Zealand and half white New Zealand, we promise to respect our country and our ethics,
    we appear to fight out this civil war, and as we’re proud of white and half white, and where we’ve won,
    we are asked to meet the enemy, and we fear nothing, and on paper we accept a civil war,

    Homer Letter
    and your name is remembered among your countrymen, and where you influenced colour and way, where they are grateful,
    and through you, the people have taken up a colourist surgery, and where their ethics and policy have improved greatly,

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