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    Democritus Letter
    You say with Locke, my soul atoms are not innate, but they are something I have during life,
    I have wonderful soul atoms and for my prayer to God, and where they are always loving for God,

    Democritus Letter
    I make my prayer when a boy, and here it was for my mother, and here my soul atoms were for God,
    I made my devotion, and I was Greek and white, and where my soul atoms all had colour,

    Pierrot Letter
    whatever the soul atoms, they were earnt during life, and where I asked about my DNA, my colour DNA,
    here I comment, my soul atoms are half white, and my soul atoms are half brown, and where I am curious and proud,
    here they have a nature which is a posteriori, and where they have a way through life and through time,
    for the a posteriori way and nature, I make prayer to God during life, and I say to him, God, do love me how I am half white,
    and in compare, I was not only one who made prayer when a boy, and as my friends at school all done the same,

    Democritus Letter
    Colour atoms and race atoms are both taught to children, and it was always up to the boy, and where he was to choose colour,
    Colour is something which we perceive, and whether it primary skin colour or secondary way of our world,
    and as we agree with Locke, my colour is not innate, and is taken and learnt in an a posteriori way,

    Pierrot Letter
    Colour was always perceived for a way, and where I looked to and perceived the blue and cloudy sky,

    Pierrot Letter
    I thank Jesus Christ for what has worked out for life, and where he always touched me, having a love for me,
    For Jesus was a man who influenced my experience, and I always commented my adores for himself,
    My soul atoms I suppose are for Lord Jesus, and they were educated for Lord Jesus early,
    Locke might say, and yet Jesus cannot be an innate idea, and rather he is learnt about during life,

    Democritus Letter
    Yeah , and as you say here, the soul atoms are earnt during the life way, like my own atoms have a way for Zeus,
    In a way, the soul atoms are always present a priori, and they are taken and educated for the person in an a posteriori way,

    Pierrot Letter
    Yeah, and the soul atoms have a colour way, and where my soul atoms are half white and half brown,
    Either way, half white is a content which is a posteriori, and as Jesus touches this content himself,
    In a way, though they are educated a posteriori, the soul atoms are in a way something present a priori,
    For existence and essence, well the soul atoms are the foundation, and in an a priori and basic way,
    In another way, the soul atoms are my a posterior way for love of Jesus and for the love of all other,
    Here, this world of secondary colour, I learn and earn it by an a posteriori education and way for life,

    Democritus Letter
    Yeah, and this external world, it consists of colours and atoms, and where there is secondary way and light,
    For I see the black cat, and it is composed of black colour atoms, and this colour of a cat is secondary,
    Berkeley might say, the cat is an idea, and is nothing but an idea, and this idea of a cat is in some way a priori, and as pure ideas are there a priori,

    Pierrot Letter
    The ideas of the world, I earnt them through education early, and where I would ask my mother, and so as to know,
    There has been many occasions of happiness about the ideas of the world, and where I wonder and take a boon,

    Democritus Letter
    Yeah, and the soul atoms of our world, they became for Jesus, and for he was the son of our God,
    and remember, Jesus himself had soul atoms, and where he thanked the Lord his heavenly father,

    Pierrot Letter
    We agree to love Jesus, and where our soul atoms come through for himself, and with hope and forlorn way,
    So it was a posteriori our love and work for Jesus, and where we build our love and hope through the world,

    Democritus Letter
    You say, the taste of colour is a posteriori, and as you tasted the chocolate, it was an a posteriori of brown sweetness,
    Let me add, this brown sweetness consists of the colour atoms, and as you always refer to colour,

    Pierrot Letter
    For the court of law, the laws are set a priori, and it means a man shall not commit murder,
    When a man appears at the court, and as they make an a posteriori compare to a previous man who appeared,
    For here a white man and black man are equal when brought before the court, and the compares to make sure are a posteriori,
    and when a man is found guilty, what may we say, was it himself, or was it because of his atoms?
    A judge says, as the man is black, we are to compare to other, and these compares are legal,
    For in the same way as a white man, he has committed a homicide, and his freewill is to blame,

    Democritus Letter
    Yeah, and as you all have followed Jesus Christ, it means you have all developed and evolved for himself the soul atoms,
    For as you all have communed and share the way of colour and soul atoms, and for love and friendship,
    These colour atoms as well, well they are the way, and as we know, there is to be a respect throughout a world,

    Pierrot Letter
    Jesus says, colour does not matter, for I love this brown man, and I love this white man, and for God passes love to you all,
    and Jesus says, and referring to colour atoms, I love you all as well, and I hear, colour is way for peace,
    and though the colour atoms of a white man and black man are different, I love both of them, and with heart,

    Pierrot Letter
    Yeah, and colour is a persons own virtue, and where my half white way is my own virtue, and for the good and the peace,
    For another man, the colour brown is a virtue, and where the colour brown becomes an own epistemology,

    Democritus Letter
    Yeah, and the soul atoms are a virtue, and for it was virtuous to have a love for Jesus, and as it was through himself Jesus,
    In the same way, my soul atoms are for the love of Zeus, and here my love is a virtue which is dead and gone,

    Pierrot Letter
    When I made prayer to God, it was through my soul atoms agreeing for this love and for this faith,
    Later I choose Lord Krishna, and because he way, it heals on colour, and as I am brown like himself the prophet,
    Lord Krishna is a brown holy man, and as we are brown like himself, there is a match made in heaven,
    For Lord Krishna is the way for Polynesia, and for like himself, they have brown colour atoms, and for trust and following,

    Democritus Letter
    My love for Zeus, well it differs to the love for Jehovah, and here I say, my love is the same way as you all,
    For my love for Zeus, it refers to my soul atoms, and it refers to my colour atoms, and as I am white and Greek,

    Pierrot Letter
    I take on the way of Krishna, and where I reject racism, and where I take on a colourist way for our peaceful world,
    and every man and woman has own colour atoms, and where our colour atoms are for Krishna,
    I do not agree with a racist, and as I promote a colourist harmony for judgement and comment on truth,
    For a racist differs, and as he comments on race atoms, and as he was caught a number of times,

    Democritus Letter
    I agree with Locke, and for my way of primary colour, according to him, colour is not innate either,
    For neither my soul atoms nor my colour atoms are innate, and both are learnt by education, and this is a posteriori for a way,
    For colour atoms are a way of nature, and for this we induct experience, and where overcome the a priori world,
    For the colour atoms, they are the same thing as the soul atoms, for my colour is my soul and is my essence,
    For my colour atoms, as they have the way for God, well they are through the a posteriori,

    Pierrot Letter
    My colour atoms, they are for Jesus, and with love, and as he promises me a love which is eternal,
    It was early in life, where I met Jesus for love, and I admit, it was always by an a posteriori learning,
    For a Jewish man, he looks at this differently, and he takes soul atoms and for the way of Moses,

    Democritus Letter
    You are correct, and for a Jewish loves Moses, and his soul atoms are for the love of Moses and Jehovah,
    In the same way, a Jewish man thanks Abraham, and for he is the father, and their soul atoms are for himself,

    Pierrot Letter
    The Christians differ about this, and as their soul atoms are for Christ, and where they love and where they adore,
    My soul atoms, they were never for Moses, and they were never for Abraham, for my love was always for Jesus,
    Yet a Jewish man differs, and his way is for Moses, and his way is for Abraham, and where his soul atoms have affect,
    Here Jesus stamps a law on humanity, and where the soul atoms of all individuals are for the love of himself,
    Jesus says, and your colour atoms are my, and for the love of my, is for every man and woman of this earth,
    As well, I came round to meet Lord Buddha, and I make him offer of my colour atoms, for they are brown like himself,

    Democritus Letter
    You say, the soul atoms have colour, and they become the colour atoms, and for love as you say, for Lord Buddha,
    For he for you both colour and having, and where there is purity about the colour brown, and where there is light for learning,
    Pierrot Letter
    I feel more comfortable following a brown holy man than a white holy man, and for I am half brown for a way,
    For my colour atoms, they are for following Lord Buddha, and where I have faith and love for the way,
    and another man, he is half white and he follows Lord Jesus, and I say to him, I base it on own colour,
    for with Lord Buddha, my interest is existential, and with a colour analytic which says, brown is a peaceful colour,

    Democritus Letter
    You say, the New Testament is all right for reference and existence, where you say, we must keep it for following of Jesus,
    and you say, Lord Buddha is the way which necessary, and as we are brown we must follow and lead the way,
    you comment, they portray Jesus as a white man, and you say, and here we are brown, and for that reason, we follow Lord Buddha,

    Pierrot Letter
    Locke comments, we all do begin life with a blank tablet for our way and existence, and where experience is written on it,
    Furthermore, this tablet must always start off through own colour, and as my own tablet is half white and half brown,
    My choosing as well of Lord Buddha, it was a posteriori, and meaning I earnt it during the life way,
    and early in my life, Jesus was written on my tablet and for love and experience of the life way,
    and as I follow the Lord Buddha for way and existence, and where I keep Jesus there for a first way and love,
    and it certainly is colourist of me to choose Lord Buddha, and for I agree, I am brown and half brown for religion,
    in contrast, many Christians say, we’re white, and we have a way for Jesus, and we’re proud of the love,
    and here, many blacks and browns are planning to move on from Christianity, where they choose Lord Buddha and Lord Krishna for way,
    and Jesus remains a reference for existence and way of life throughout a world, and where we adore until the end,

    Democritus Letter
    Yeah, and they who are white, they manage and run Christianity throughout a world, and with good will,
    and we must keep Lord Jesus and his New Testament, and where we to pay the respect in a way,
    where we differ to the Catholics and Protestants, who believe in turning up on Sunday for service,
    for we’re more interested in the New Testament, and for an own read and reference for existence,

    Pierrot Letter
    I keep my New Testament for a read and purpose of life, and here I am developing a devotion for Lord Krishna,
    For the people who run the Krishna religion, they are brown like me, and here I feel comfortable throughout,
    My half brown atoms, they are perfect, and for the essence and way of Krishna, and with interest and following,
    Here for the movement of Christianity, they are white people, out of who run the religion throughout,
    For they say, both black people and brown people, they are welcome for attendance and communion,

    Democritus Letter
    Yeah, and as you comment on colour and existence, there is as well what we call, the soul atoms,
    For our soul atoms, are white for essence and existential analytic, and where we thank Zeus for the way,
    and you comment, I prefer the love of Krishna, and for my soul atoms are half brown, and I prefer following a brown prophet,
    and you comment, the colour brown is an epistemology for people who have brown skin colouring,
    in the same way, they are white, and the colour white is an epistemology, and where they are either aggressive or kind for a way,
    for Polynesia, as they are brown for a people, the colour brown becomes philosophy and epistemology for they,

    Pierrot Letter
    The Aotearoans’, are a philosophy and way of existence, and where they were proud, and where the fell to the British,
    and an improvement came, and where they became brown New Zealand for a way and for an epistemology,

    Democritus Letter
    Locke says, there are no innate ideas, and what does this mean for primary colour as the way,
    Our primary colour, is not innate, and is learnt during life, and it was always an a posteriori learning,
    For my soul atoms, they are primary, and are not innate, and are given and presented during the life way,

    Pierrot Letter
    For you, the soul atoms are a posteriori and are not innate, and they are for thanks to God,
    My colour was always there a priori, and I am sure my way of color was always an a posteriori for self assessment,
    My father and mother were the chief designers of my soul atoms, and as they taught me to pray to God,

    Pierrot Letter
    Yeah, and my soul atoms are as well English, and as my father was English, and where I comment continually,
    and English was something which took for learning early, and it was a posteriori to become English,
    later I learnt a colour way, and in both a colourist and empiricist way, where I continue repeating it, I am half white and half brown,

    Democritus Letter
    The soul atoms are either by colour as you say, or are by race, and where you and they have taken an argument,
    As a young man, I would say, my soul atoms are Greek, and it means I agree with race,
    and as well, I am white, and so my soul atoms are white, and where I agree with your colourist doctrine,
    and either way, the soul atoms are either by colour or by race, and either way is fair and democratic,

    Pierrot Letter
    Yeah, and we need to read beyond race and existence for an analytic, and where I promote colour and existence,
    In some way, I am born an idea, where my mother nurtures me, and where I am a colour and existence,
    For mother was half white and French, and here I choose the colour way later on, and though I like the word French as well,

    Democritus Letter
    Yeah, and I am Greek and white, and where my mother nurtured my atoms, and where I loved her until the end,
    You are correct as well, for I am proud as a white, and where my way is either Greek or white,
    For the colour white has always been the essence and existence of my own way, and where I am always happy for life and way,

    Pierrot Letter
    I have an ethics to respect other, and the foundation of this ethic, is where we respect other on colour,
    As colour is always true, my half brown way is a posteriori, and is not ever a priori, and for my learnings are always through life,

    Pierrot Letter
    Another man says, we’re German, and he is a false German and not a true German, and next we go to court,
    For true Germans are educated in the German language, and are fluent when they communicate in German,
    For this man says, we’re German, and he is neither from Germany, and does not talk in German,
    For he makes a claim for the word German, and here his soul atoms are not actually German,
    A false German may have white colour atoms, and this does mean he is German, and though Germans are white,

    Democritus Letter
    The soul atoms are developed from an early age, and in a way which is a posteriori, and though people are always present a priori,
    My parents and education are both present a priori, and yet my learning was always a posteriori,
    My father and mother were both Greek, an were both designers of my soul atoms, and where I was always loving of they,
    For my soul atoms, I agree with Locke, they begin by way of a blank tablet, and where education and life experience both write and record on itself,
    My parents have nurtured the soul atoms of my, and where I was always grateful and happy about this,

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