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    Epicurus Letter
    For creation of the earth, here the atoms collided well, and where there was power throughout,
    Through moving the atoms, God created everything, and where there was freewill of the earth and universe,
    For through Gods’ power, the atoms smashed into one another, and where there was a perfect harmony,
    Through the oceans all life formed, and we became through the fishes, and where freewill reigned,
    For it was the fish who took to freewill, and later they evolved into the land animals and throughout,

    Epicurus Letter
    A shark does not mean to kill the swimmer, for as well it merely wants something to eat, and where it was determined,
    For as the shark attacked, well it had atoms which collided through determining the way of the attack,

    Epicurus Letter
    The heavenly bodies as well, have a way of freewill, and where the atoms collide and determine,
    Where God always sit there as the judge, and for a star exploded at some point, and through God breathing the atoms their movement,

    Epicurus Letter
    For as humans we have a freewill, and where atoms are the cause of it all, and where they are beyond our control,
    For a man kills another man? Where we say, and where the atoms determined himself to do so,
    For the man apologized, and he never meant to murder another man, and where he blamed it on the atoms colliding and determining,

    Pierrot Letter
    Yeah, and the animals evolved throughout the earth, and where it was always Gods’ will which was the way of nature,
    For God cared the animals, where he ruled they, and where they evolved through a way of his design,
    For the lions at the zebra, and they done this out of freewill, and where they needed a good and proud feast,
    In the same way, a man cannibalized another man, and he was innocent, and for he was merely hungry for a meal,

    Epicurus Letter
    I take a loot at the milky way and other galaxies, where I see clearly the atoms and the determination of light and gas,
    For God is the care for our milky way, and where he promises it in some future plan and way for life,
    For next there are the planets, and where we want to colonise, and where they are the way of atoms and movement,
    For on the other planets, there must be fish swimming, and it may mean food, and with God blessing,
    and furthermore, we will bring our fish to the planet, and for we adore they for food, and where our life depends,

    Pierrot Letter
    Remember the birds and the bees, and how life works, and where there is harmony for our peaceful earth,
    For a bee collects and pollinates the flower, for there is harmony and production of our sweet honey,
    In the same way, we came round to church, and like the bees gathering from the flower, and our prayer is like honey,

    Pierrot Letter
    If I steal from another man, I must apologise to the man, and where the atoms determined the act to happen,
    For I pray to God, and where I ask himself for forgiveness, for I have a freewill, and my freewill went the wrong way,
    God says to me, do not ever steal from another man, for as you caused the man hurt and pain, and for he took a value,
    I knew of the atoms, and where they determined what I done, and I ask God, may be forgiven about this,
    For he says, yeah, your atoms you could not control, and make it a note and remember, do respect another mans’ property,

    Epicurus Letter
    what may we say of the python and as it ate another animal? For it has a soul, and it merely needed a meal,
    for the python went and said, my atoms always collide, and I am grateful to my God, and where he cares me,
    for a man says, as I murdered another man, clearly the atoms collided, and I do not mean it at all,

    Epicurus Letter
    Here Cain has killed Abel, where he asked God to forgive himself, and he says, it was through the atoms determining what I may do,
    God says to him, I love you always, and I forgive you, however, do run along, and seek a way for your life,
    Cain has said, I regret killing Abel, and it was through the atoms it happened, and I promise I have wept it,

    Pierrot Letter
    God created Adam, where it was through the atoms and the way, where he breathed him the life force,
    Further, the atoms were formed through colour, where they were white, black and brown, or yellow itself,
    In the same way, God created a white man, and he took his white atoms, where he blessed him for eternity,
    For a different man, he took black atoms, and where he formed a black man, and it was the same,
    The world took a colour way, and where atoms all had colours, and every last man and woman preferred it that way,

    Epicurus Letter
    For God, it came through the creation our earth, and next the same thing in regards the universe and everything beyond,
    It took breathing the atoms, and where they were to collide, and where they formed everything throughout a universe,

    Epicurus Letter
    If the storm happens, it must be through the atoms, and where the bad weather is the strife,
    We remember the great war happening, and it happened through atoms determining the world,
    In the long run, peace came for the earth, and where the atoms took the way, and where we regret,

    Pierrot Letter
    I point out the main problem of my philosophy, where I comment as a colourist, where I am fair to all other,
    For God took the colour atoms, and to form man from the dust, and where Adam was thankful and made prayer,
    For as a colourist, I comment, the human colour is the atoms, and where there is prayer and communion,

    Epicurus Letter
    If a man murders another man, skin colour becomes of interest, for I want to know what the murder was for,
    For the murderer says, I am not guilty, and here we assess himself, and we want to know the truth,
    I assess whether guilty or not guilty, and where I make a black man equal to other about this,

    Epicurus Letter
    Where I take note and understood, my atomist method is fairer, for I always like to check and note,
    For a man may be declared as innocent, and for he has not known? and where the atoms have taken the way,

    Epicurus Letter about Eve and the deception of the serpent
    About the tree of knowledge, the serpent has deceived herself, and for fair, and where freewill is promised herself,
    For by atoms determining, she ate the fruit from the tree, and where she was to fall, where she was innocent,
    For she was not guilty, and through the atoms, and where they determined the way, and where God promised through love,
    Adam and Eve left the garden of Eden, where the angel made sure, and where they wandered into the world,

    Pierrot Letter for Adam and Eve there was freewill
    They both took the fruit, and ate from the tree of knowledge, and here they were to have freewill,
    For Adam was not guilty, and he commented, I am sure it was through the atoms, and what could I ever do about it,
    For they were guilty of theft, and in return, they were to know both good and evil, and where they wept about this,
    Adam has said, I lost my cool, and I made a mistake, I merely want to go back, where I would prove all right for my father,

    Epicurus Letter for Adam and Eve, the atoms caused it to happen
    Where they leave the garden of Eden, they regret it, and they blame it on the atoms, for where were they,
    For Eve says, the atoms collided and determined it to happen, and where I am not happy,
    God says, I love you Eve, and all the way, for you are my creation, and you are promised by me,
    For Adam says, thank you my father God, and may you bless me and my wife, for we both adore you,

    Pierrot Letter how does Noah know about the flood coming
    For Noah knew through God, and as he commented of the flood coming, and where he promised of it coming,
    For he planned and built the ark, where he waited for the coming flood, where he said to others, please follow me,

    Epicurus Letter the flood happened through the atoms colliding
    God promised the flood was to happen, and where the atoms moved about, and where they caused the heavy rain and storm,
    In the same way, we compare to the holocaust of the Jewish, and where they were innocent, and it took atoms colliding for it to happen,
    Where we passed prayer to God, and for we were with good will, and we were for the prevention of such hatred and evil,
    It was Satan who made this happen, and God says, there will come the day where I destroy him forever,

    Epicurus Letter the flood happened through the freewill of God
    The flood happened through love and affection, and for God was getting rid of the all corrupted and wicked people,
    For God said, I must clean this world of Satan, and for a better world, and where there is the peace,

    Pierrot Letter Noah knew what to do, where the atoms determined it
    What happened through the flood was for the love of God, and as he cares our earth from Satan,
    For God says, I plan this world a harmony, and where there is hope, and where there is the love for all,
    For God showed a mercy to all men and women, and as Noah prepared and built the ark for salvation,

    Epicurus Letter what happens, happens through the atoms determining,
    The atoms will cause the flood to happen, and Noah thanked God, saying, it was mercy and love,
    For it came, and the flood was for harmony and peace of the world, and where the way is prayer to God,

    Pierrot Letter
    Yeah, and we’re to remember the Jewish who perished in the camp named Auschwitz, for it was a doom for they,
    Where Satan was to blame, and where God makes it clear to choose me, and for prayer and communion on Sunday,
    For God says, do not worry about the atoms, and where they move, and where the cause all life and strife to happen,

    Pierrot Letter the atoms determine evil, and where I pray
    It was Satan, where a man murdered another man, and we regret it, and we ask God about it,
    For God says, do not worry about Satan, and make your prayer to me, for all that matters is where I love you,
    Furthermore, he says, I will destroy Satan when the time comes, where there is planned love and peace throughout,

    Epicurus Letter God promises it was Satan who determined evil
    It was clearly Satan, who done the world a wrong, and we wept for they, and they were fallen,
    For it was Satan again, and as disease and famine struck the world, and where we knew,
    For God is promising to clean our world of what Satan has done, where look on, and where we look forward,
    For the destroy of Satan is coming for our earth, and where a grave of Satan is promised, and as victory of our,

    Pierrot Letter I pray to God about the murder of a world
    Murder happens throughout, and where Satan is to blame, and where we pray to God for hope and salvation,
    For a man who murdered another man, he says, I was innocent, and it was Satan who made me do this crime,
    For God will say, I will forgive this man, for I am a just Lord, and I will give the man my mercy,
    For the atomist way, the man was innocent of murder, and for the atoms collided in a violent and determining way,
    For the man says, I took to murdering him by freewill, and for sure it was through the atoms smashing the way,
    For the murder, it happened through determinism, and where the man could not control what were determining it to happen,

    Pierrot Letter the holocaust happened through Satan determining the atoms
    We make prayer to God, and where we want the Jewish our mercy, and where we respect they,
    Again God has promised, for he says he will destroy Satan forever, and as wept, and as we thanked God,
    For God promises a harmony and stability, and where there is peace throughout, and where the flowers are blossoming forever,

    Epicurus Letter I witness about what happens through the atoms moving,
    I record and note an empiricist way, where I observe the outcome of the atoms moving and colliding,
    For a man takes prayer to God, where he determines his love, and where I take note,
    For another man is a thief, and he steals from another, and I take note, for it happened through the atoms surely,

    Epicurus Letter Moses and the ten commandments
    God has commanded us to love, and where show this love with sincerity, and where there is the hope and the future,
    For the atoms swerve a love through God, and where we love, and where we promise a kindness and good will,
    For God wants to determine a harmony, and where it happens through love, and where we rejoice for love,
    For God makes it a law for me to love, and where it do my best to love, and where love is by ethics and happiness,

    Pierrot Letter Moses and the parting of the dead sea
    God parted the dead sea, and it was to happen through God making the atoms move and in a way throughout,
    For the Palestinians drowned there that day, and where Moses thanked God, for it was the freeing of theyselves,
    For they were liberated, and were happy, and as they celebrated, and later on took a meal, and where God made a tear,
    However, the Jewish respected the fate of the enemy, and where the made prayer to God, to forgive we about the crime,

    Epicurus Letter about Abraham testing Isaac for sacrifice
    In a way, Abraham would never murder his son Isaac, and for he loved him, and had promised himself,
    For the atoms were to swerve, and where God passed his love, and was to say, do not kill your son, for he is your love,
    God passes a mercy for Isaac, and where there is love, and where there is affection, and where he would not murder,
    For Isaac, the atoms swerved in a way, and where they favoured himself, and where his father loved,
    For Isaac, there was happiness, and there was the promise of a future, and where hope was there, and for the world,

    Epicurus Letter about Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead,
    Somehow the atoms swerved, and Jesus raised the dead man, and it was a work of love and the peace throughout,
    For Lazarus, the moment is where the atoms moved, and through the love of God, and through the way Jesus himself,
    and Jesus says, the atoms are for my love and divine will, and for my father always promised this of me,

    Pierrot Letter about Jesus bringing the people bread and fish
    For Jesus performed the miracle, where he brought they bread and fish, and here the atoms were at work,
    For the atoms swerved so well, and as the work of God, and what a miracle, and the people were happy, for they were hungry,
    For they next thank Jesus, for they took a feast, and what something to remember, and where Jesus took Pleasure,

    Epicurus Letter about Puntius Pilate and the judgement of Jesus
    He made judgement of our saviour, and without mercy, and we were to weep for Jesus, and we promised out love,
    Jehovah took to the love of his son, where he wept, and he moved and raised himself to the heaven which is above,
    For God was broken hearted, and carried out his love, and as he intervened by divine will and grace for his son,
    For our God could not control the atoms as well, and as Puntius Pilate took judgement against our Jesus,

    Pierrot Letter about my prayer to God and freewill
    I am happy all the way, for I pray to God, for I make sure of my love and affection, and where there is my happiness,
    For my prayer is the way of my atoms determining love, and so I took it, and with all my heart I prayed,
    For peace and love, I thank my atoms for determining a love, and where there was Jesus as the way for my love,
    For love and happiness, my atoms are to thank, and for they were determining my prayer and thanks,

    Epicurus Letter
    I thank the atoms for swerving, where my love is for God, and where I thank they through God, and where is always the cause,
    This world is a wonderful place for me and my family, where I love my mother, and where I love my father,
    The atoms are for the love of our world, and where religion has they to thank, and where Lord Buddha is where my colour becomes,
    For I seek Lord Buddha, and for he is brown like me, and where my atoms have the same colour as himself,

    Pierrot Letter – as we attend church on Sunday, the atoms swerve,
    The atoms move and swerve throughout, and where there is love, and where there is communion on Sunday,
    For God makes his love, and next he makes friendship, and hanging there is his care, and where we thank himself,
    We make the peace, and for our atoms, and for God promises the correct way for they, and with welcome and peace,

    Epicurus Letter – as we sung to Jehovah, the atoms swerved,
    We prove our love and communion, and as we sing to Jehovah, and where there is joy, and where happiness is unto,
    For the atoms have earnt a love throughout, and where they move for love, and where they swerve for love,
    Through communion on Sunday, we make God so happy, and we thank our atoms for loving and determining,
    For we sing to the Lord, and there is joy throughout, we bring ourself unto God, and where happiness is the way,

    Pierrot Letter – my love for God is where my atoms determine
    My atoms determine a love for God, where I rejoice my love unto, and where I make prayer and love to God,
    I have always proved my love, and I found out it’s always through my atoms determining, and where I wonder forever,
    Where there is life, a way which is always for freewill, and where existence has freewill as well,
    There is God and his love for all, and where he loves life, and where he loves existence, and where prayer is for hope,
    For the atoms prove the way, and where existence is the way, and where I make my way through the extension,

    Pierrot Letter God makes it his work for the atoms to cause harmony
    God has intended a harmony for our earth, and where the atoms have a way, and where they determine love,
    God has planned a peaceful way for our earth, where there is so much to call, and where the atoms are the way for,
    We must take not on what happens, and whether it’s good or bad, and for we must remain sincere for our earth,
    For the atoms are the way, and for both good and evil, and we’re our prayer is the remedy, and where there is a peaceful timeout,
    For God becomes the task, and where we have set out a love and thanks to himself, and where we enjoy the harmony of our world,

    Pierrot Letter Jesus says, the atoms are for my love
    With the intention of influencing the way, Jesus is touching, and for the people and the world, and with light throughout,
    For Jesus says, my atoms are for the way of God, and as he is my father, I thank him all the way my people,
    For he continues, and for my body is human, I am like all other men, and where I have soul atoms for love,
    I promise my love for humanity, and where the atoms are for love, and where the atoms force the way for love,
    Where the atoms make love throughout, and where the compel the love of our church, and where God is blessing we,

    Epicurus Letter concerning evil throughout the earth
    We see him there Satan, where there is evil throughout, and where we dwell across the world and with regret,
    For all the evil, it was Satan to blame, and with regret, and where we hope for God, and as he promises a destroy of himself,
    Throughout a peaceful world, evil has become a way, and we are committed to prayer to God, and with hope for a victory,

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