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    [2020-06-13 Sat@SPB] Yesterday I posted an AI comment in the Latin subReddit and it seemed like I received at least a hundred pertinent page-views from all over the world. It was fortunate that I had recently initiated the http://ai.neocities.org/LaThink.
    html webpage.

    My AI project has gone so many decades without acknowledged success, that I tend to yield to the idea that there will never be such success. My efforts flag and falter under such discouragement. Oftentimes, however, I remind myself that I have indeed
    created basic artificial intelligence.

    My recent memetic ploy of stating that my AI Minds are guaranteed to think is an effort to get Netizens to focus much more attention than usual on the functionality of the AI Minds. By guaranteeing that my AI thinks, I am laying down a challenge for some
    one to disprove my claim of a thinking AI.

    There may come a flash of publicity if some journalist or website writes a treatment or an article about my AI guaranteed to think. An author could run the AI through its paces and state whether or not real thinking seems to be going on.

    Another publicity breakthrough could occur if the worldwide classical Latin community adopts my Latin AI as a serious project. People could write scholarly papers about my Latin AI or they could try to develop the software further.

    On any given day my AI project could burst into sudden, widespread notoriety. For instance, if John Markoff were to write about my AI in the New York Times, millions more people would become aware of it.

    I am a little surprised that there has not been a backlash of indignant Netizens angrily denouncing my guaranteed AI as a totally false assertion. If the software did not perform at all, Mentifex-bashers would probably be jumping all over it. My
    detractors are perhaps afraid to look bad if they try to discredit my AI and they are subsequently proven wrong.

    So the success or failure of my lifelong AI project is still very much up in the air.




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