• Washington & Lee - Trojan War

    From Ed Cryer@21:1/5 to David Amicus on Sat May 30 18:25:56 2020
    David Amicus wrote:

    The school has a class on the Trojan War.

    How great is that!

    For my specialist subject in final year of Classics, I chose Homeric
    Studies. Nearly all the other kids of that year chose the same; all
    except one girl who chose St Augustine's writings.
    We read the Iliad and Odyssey, looked at theories of who Homer was, how
    the Trojan War figured in classical Greek view of true history. I
    remember also reading a book by a sailor who traced Odysseus' voyage
    around the Med.

    I guess that counts as a fair equivalent of "Trojan War".


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