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    Speaking of Goodall, his biography has just been reprinted in
    paperback. I don't have my copy in front of me, but the details should
    be on Amazon -- or I will provide them later.

    Be prepared for trouble, though. One has to make very much the same allowances for Goodall as for Wagner. He was a Mosleyite in in the
    1930s, although a thoroughly harmless one. He did briefly serve in the
    army -- wholly uselessly -- in WWII. However, he remained a tetchy anti-semite in much the same mould. A harmless one, though, entirely
    at home with Jewish artists and friends, and much beloved by them, old
    crank as he was. That, though, helps to account for his neglect at
    Covent Garden, especially during the Solti years, although Solti
    himself ruled that Goodall should be kept on as a titular conductor,
    and Goodall admired Solti's standards and efficiency. Anyhow, it's
    well worth a read.



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