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    the original poems of Parzival, the Nibelungenlied, Tristan und Isolde? By "original" I also mean english (or any other language ) translations. I am rather shocked by the amount of Wagner enthusiast who never bother to read the poems that inspired the operas. Simple relationships like Brangane being a Isolde's "Maid" are view in a far different light after you read the poem ( A lady's "maid" being another noble women as only slightly lesser rank - not a 'maid" servant.)

    Or more puzzling to me are the oddly inspired productions looking to make the opera's more interesting (NOT) to the modern viewer by making placing them in the board room or on the subway, etc - instead of drawing on the poems for inspriration for sets and motives. Why not have a hideous Kundry in act I and a fair maid in act II? or red armor on Parsifal? How about Amfortas in a peacock plumed hat?(!).. a gral progression with Repanse de Schonye? or have Feirifiz in the finally among the grail knights? how
    about, as mentioned before, present Brangane as a near equal? How many of you are aware of how deep the relationship between Tristan and Marke really is? or that Brangane slept with Marke to save Isolde from having to do so?


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