• Beecham's Tristan 1937

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    On Thursday, August 27, 1998 at 9:00:00 PM UTC-10, Olaf wrote:
    Today in a second hand CD-store I picked up a Melodram Tristan and
    Isolde, conducted by Thomas Beecham, in a recording from 18 and 22
    June 1937, with Flagstad and Melchior. Sven Nilsson is the King Marke,
    but Kurnewal is sung by Paul Schöffler in Act 1 & 3, and by Herbert
    Janssen in Act 2. Likewise the Brangäne in Act 1 & 3 is Margarete
    Klose and Karin Branzell in Act 2.

    I also have the EMI issue issued in 1991, which states it comes from a performance on 18 June 1937 - but, as we all now know, has the famous
    ERRATUM sticker that a lot of Act 1 & 3 come from 1936 and were
    conducted by Reiner.

    These Melodram CDs are from 1988, some years before EMI made the above discovery. Does anyone know if this is the genuine thing from the performances in 1937. Any views on this recording.

    // Olaf


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