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    Do you feel that what passes as singing nowadays, you could do better?

    In many cases, those "amateur" singers who love to sing but for one reason or another have ceased their careers as performers, or never have actually got their own show on the road, there exists the possibility of viably outsinging,
    better singing, than name-recognized professionals.

    Whether it's a career or just singing for one's own pleasure, the concepts that
    rule, that coordinate intention with the actual performance, are easily learned
    and can be put injto immediate use to sing well and under control.

    Motivation and consistent application of the principles of singing make for rspid progress. If anyone reading this post, seeks to learn what technique can accomplish, download my website EWagnerOpera.com and hear my renditions of wagner and Sibelius.

    One selection, within the first sung 15 seconfs verifies that every particle of one's singing, can testify to a sound and exciting vocal emission. For instance, my singing of "Siegmund heiss' ich" on the website.

    "Siegmund heiss' ich" is "Essence Wagneriana" in a short "scena"..

    It micromanages with "Leitmotive-bonding," the consummate building blocks, to,
    dramatically and musically, advance the story line with epic music-scoring.

    The leitmotive [identifying musical synonym signature for an object, idea, emotion] means of Wagner's girding his music drama into a unified entity is everywhere exploited in this great "scena." Unlike his "Nothung, Nothung" which is stophic, "Siegmund heiss' ich" has dynamic action, a stirring declaration [not unlike "Eaultate"], a pleading for the strength S realizes he
    needs [ the word "Nothung," Needful, appears in both selections], the successful drawing of the sword from the tree [ as mighty a moment as King Arthur's equally-fabled drawing of Excalibur], and his jubilant, now armed, exultation, drawing Sieglinde to him as they seek safety and companionship beyond the reach of Hunding and his tribe.

    In Wagner's "Isolde kommt!" there is the same wilsdly enthusiastic cry exulting in the knowledge that Isiolde will join him. These powerful "scena" require a stentorian voice and an impressive intensity to deliver them authoritively.

    Few singers can muster the voice or the power or the energized tonal stream to
    re-create ideally Wagner's inspiration in sound.

    For those who do not know better, what's available seems "awesome" in the current vernacular, but they are uninformed.

    To illustrate what I have mentioned, please download my "Siegmund heiss' ich" in my website www.WagnerOpera.com That selection is listed first on the CD
    Stores page under samples of Kenneth Lane's singing. The selection is on track #4 of my Valhalla Records CD "Wagner's Epic Heroes." A picture is worth
    a thousand words, it is said. Well, the sound is worth tons ofexplanations,
    the sound's the thing!

    For a truly rounded , full-bodied tone stream, the vocal tract must be expanded
    and kept open thru the proper breath inspiration and expiration techniques along with the precise mental and physical control and direction of the text and musical
    values, as pitch and dynamics and fluidity of phrasing.

    Full-bodied ringing tones, driving Intensity, ping, & stamina characterize the
    great Wagner singers. But all singers, whatever their discipline or inclination towards repertoire must use a technique that avails them of the most selective possibilities for expression.

    Again, for those who wish to critique Wagner performance from a substantially demonstrated/recorded CD reference point, please hear my Wagner on my website WagnerOpera.com.

    There will be a wider range of Wagner and other composers' heldentenor music performances downloadable from my Carnegie Hall "Live" CDs and others, in February.

    Please let me know of your own estimations of what you download. My E-mail is

    Kenneth Bennett Lane
    Wagnerian romantischer heldentenor, composer, & teacher of singing
    E-mail: kenblane@aol.com
    Website :www. WagnerOpera,com, where one can download my
    Carnegie Hall "Live" CDs including Wagner & Sibelius &
    chronologically follow Wagner's life and works


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