• Disable xterm auto-wrap: Mess up vi-like command line

    From dlbendigo@21:1/5 to paul.domaskis@gmail.com on Fri Jun 24 22:36:27 2016
    paul.domaskis@gmail.com Wrote in message:
    If I disable auto-wrap, the vi editing at the comand line misbehaves
    when the line being edited is long, especially when yanking a lot of
    text and pasting it. I suppose that this might be technically correct behaviour, since an extra long command line needs to wrap in order to
    see it properly. But I use the vi command line exclusively, and
    almost always, I don't want autowrap in the results from commands
    being sent to the screen. Is there a way to get both at the same
    time, without having to always toggle the xterm autowrap?

    I don't think so. You are asking for xterm to auto-wrap for anything
    EXCEPT a long command line. Is xterm that clever? You could
    enlarge the xterm window, if that helps.

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