• kdenlive: fade to/from transparency

    From bad sector@21:1/5 to All on Sat Mar 31 23:02:41 2018
    make a video with the chromagreen background

    make an image filled with same chromagreen color

    open a few video tracks

    insert instance 1 of the image in the bottom
    video track, stretch it out to some length

    insert the video in the track above it
    beginning just before the end of the
    green image track

    place a copy of the stretched green image
    in the track above the video track and
    beginning just before its end

    transition the tracks 2 at a time with

    you will be able to render a video fading
    from green and out to green

    place the new video just made in a new
    project above the desired background video,
    chroma keying the green background color.

    you can now render a video fading-in from
    and out to transparency


    © bad sector :-)

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