• Quick-Access widget recovery

    From bad sector@21:1/5 to All on Mon Nov 13 17:48:12 2017
    This litle *jewel* was working like a charm on my last Suse-13.2 system
    which unfortunately threw fits the other day (no 'su', root password
    rejected on every attempt) forcing a reinstall (elsewhere). But then
    trying to install the widget to the freshie (repeating the earlier
    footwork) failed!


    available (among others) from:


    Meanwhile the old system recovered apparently spontaneously bringing me
    to the question:

    Which files should I just transplant manually to the freshie to make Quick-Access work there too without the formal 'install'?

    The secret isn't in the user directories because it works for all users,
    the widget shows up in the panel settings as an available option for all

    It's too bad that while the Quick-Access 'thingie' was ALREADY a
    regression from it predecessor (I forget its name), now it seems to be
    finally and totally gooooooone.

    I use it to launch my own scripts contained in dedicated forlders.

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