• NetScape (Was: non kde font sizes)

    From J.O. Aho@21:1/5 to bad sector on Thu Nov 9 18:34:43 2017
    On 11/09/17 17:54, bad sector wrote:

    Usenet itself is falling to pieces due to googlegroups and the
    profitability of other web hosted forums.

    Yes, sadly many of those forums and social media are just reinventing
    the wheel, everything seems to just be a worse copy of usernet and irc.

    I started off on Compuserve
    before there was internet (I think) but when I initially came to usenet
    you could attach small media files without going to binary groups.

    For me it was FidoNet before I went to higher educations where I got
    hold of my first internet account and from home I connected up with
    modem, so that I could access the internet with my Amiga. I tested a bit
    with running applications remotely with X11, it worked until someone
    picked up the phone to call someone while I was online.

    went on for many years, there was no abuse, at least not for a good
    while. Netscape could handle browsing, email, usenet, composition all in
    one app.

    And you could search for a song title and the first a search engine
    suggested was the au-file to download (later on mp3). :)

    I still use the Navigator icon, edited for Tor evenĀ  :-) https://tinyurl.com/ycn5nnju [top right]

    The only things I still use from those days is my ctwm configuration,
    the application menu part is the only part changed, the fonts are the
    same and as horrible as it was in the last millennium.

    ...AND I'm still waiting for Splashma5 to give me panels of comparable content & quality.

    I did switch to Gnome from ctwm, I got it to look great (with anti-alias
    fonts and all), then came Gnome2 and I waited and waited that it would
    get mature, but no and I knew my Gnome had some vulnerabilities which I
    tried to fix as well as I could, in the end it was too much work to
    maintain my own version of RedHat 7 that I had to switch to Gentoo and KDE.



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