• Plasma5 panel icons

    From bad sector@21:1/5 to All on Tue Jun 7 15:37:54 2016
    I found a workaround to temporarily resolve the
    issues arising with the use of vertical panels
    on the sides and the insane expanding icons.

    Gadgets like the pager, the systray and time/date
    require a minimum of 90 pixels for me, but
    providing that many leaves room for only a few
    other icons

    By using several panels the problem's severity is
    reduced. I'd still want to see 90 pixels on each
    side with the smaller (normal) icons in double rows
    but I can't even park two narrower panels side-by-side.

    Another associated problem is that a menu placed
    on the right panel cascades back and forth L/R.

    Finally custom icons need to be first created
    using ApplicationMenu settings, then the canned
    ones need to be removed before the custom icon
    bearing entry is 'Add'-ed to panel. Else the change
    may never take hold.

    http://trixtar.org/3/compuke/images/desktop-Suse-KDE4.png http://trixtar.org/3/compuke/images/desktop-Suse-KDE-Plasma5.png http://trixtar.org/3/compuke/images/desk-tw.png



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