• Konversation Notifications do not work on Windows

    From glhntdxp@sharklasers.com@21:1/5 to All on Wed Apr 28 03:47:02 2021
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    Running Konversation (installed from konversation-master-725-windows-msvc2019_64-cl.7z) on Windows 10:

    Tried configuring notifications to log notifications to file (or any
    other form of notification such as sound/execute_command/etc.) - there
    are still no notifications (logged/sounded/command_executed/etc.).

    This applies to all events including (as written to
    'konversation.notifyrc' configuration file):


    Tried changing the log file path to relative from absolute and ensured
    that there are no issues with the path.

    Enabled IRC Chatlogs and confirmed that these are logged - so, it seems
    that only notifications are not logged despite being configured to log.

    So, how to make konversation notifications (in particular, logging notifications to file) work on Windows 10?


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