• Re: 16550 with sio driver

    From Ken Par@21:1/5 to Michael Davidson on Tue Aug 16 13:37:52 2022
    On Monday, August 14, 1995 at 12:00:00 AM UTC-7, Michael Davidson wrote:
    In article <DDAD...@rennle.rhoen.de> t...@rennle.rhoen.de (Thomas Reith) writes:

    the minor number of /dev/tty2a is 8. Does it mean, that I have
    to add FCR_ENABLE in the 8th entry of the array sio_fifoctl in >/etc/conf/pack.d/sio/space.c?

    Since the array is indexed from 0, minor device # 8 is controlled by
    the 9th entry in the array.
    You don't need to add FCR_ENABLE to an entry - each entry consists of
    one of:
    for the four possible receive FIFO trigger levels
    "or"ed with the size of the transmit FIFO (normally 15).
    Setting an entry to 0 has the effect of disabling the FIFOs.
    Good Idea

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