• SCO got Linux-mob justice ...

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    "The title reference to Linux-mob mentality is a reference to something that, in its intensity, emotion and insularity, is real and distinctive about a segment of the Linux community.

    "There is a portion of that community that listens only to itself, and that passes innumerable emails and postings and comments to one another to reassure each other that they are right and that SCO is evil incarnate and that anyone who says something
    that could be seen as useful to SCO in any remote way must also be evil incarnate, on the take, owned by MSFT or some such silly thing. Since you are exposed only to your own distortions and misunderstandings, your views harden and become progressively
    more adamant and angry, whether they stood originally on a sound basis or not. Any message or messenger from the outside that threatens to require reassessment throws the world into an uproar."

    Read more at https://sco-vs-ibm.org/review/2007/1206.html

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