• Is USB 3 supported in OpenServer 6?

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    A customer's hardware guy asked about using a USB 3 removable hard-drive (Tandberg RDX) on a box I'll be installing OSR 6 on.

    The OSR6 USB man page says that OSR6 supports USB 1.1 (UHCI, OHCI) and USB 2 (EHCI)

    Does that mean that any USB 3 ports on a server running OSR6+MP4 would not be visible to the OS - or would they be usable only at USB 2 speeds?

    The man page doesn't mention storage devices but I'm sure I've mounted USB Flash-based storage devices on OSR6 before.

    It's exceedingly unlikely that XHCI is supported, needed for "real" USB3 support, was added. Most (non-mobile) silicon implementations support EHCI as a backup.

    Obviously, these OSes are pretty much a time capsule with driver support stuck in time from the mid 200x's. USB was never part of any SCO HDK, so it's exceedingly unlikely that any third party could have developed the needed UDI driver after the "legacy"
    part of SCO was frozen.

    By a weird twist of time tables, SCO was actually the first OS to ship with USB2 support. Linux had the patches in development, but not accepted for a while, Windows had just shipped (Vista?) and the BSD teams couldn't get the hardware. I don't know how
    fast the device in question is, but SCO's USB implementation was actually quite fast and easily saturate USB2 (480Mbps) with hardware of the time. USB3 is way faster than that, of course, but modern hardware and old OSes are just a bad combination.

    It SHOULD work, but if it doesn't, nobody will be surprised and honestly, the number of people that could change that is pretty small. The USB stack was all written in UDI (http://projectudi.org) with the relevant design docs and source code all tucked
    away inside the remnants of the company.

    I know I'm responding to a four year old post, but I had some relevant credibility in this area at one point...

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