• Looking for International Supplement for Xenix or SCO UNIX

    From Michael Casadevall@21:1/5 to All on Mon Mar 13 05:25:02 2017
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    Hey all,

    I've been recently doing a reconstruction effort to rebuild Xenix
    2.2.3c 386AT for preservation and demoing it. As of writing, myself,
    and a friend of mine have managed to essentially reconstruct the
    entirety of the release from broken medium with a lot of work and
    magic, and I've been writing a series of articles on them (most
    recent: https://soylentnews.org/meta/article.pl?sid=17/03/07/1632251).

    One of the main stumbling blocks is that the installation scripts in
    the International Supplement bit-rotted. I've got a partial
    reconstruction of what I think it does based on surviving SCO UNIX documentation, and the bits of shell script it does, but I'd *really*
    like to get my hands on something to compare it to. The bit rotten
    file in question is /tmp/init.3_mapfi, and should be on the last disk
    in the set, and the code in question should be asking about setting
    character maps on either terminal lines (Xenix) or serial lines (SCO)
    based on the release in question. If anyone has a copy of the
    international supplement for SCO UNIX or Xenix (of any flavor) that I
    can use as a reference, it would help a great deal.

    Neither SCO UNIX nor Xenix have done great in the preservation era,
    and the International Supplement is MIA from basically every copy I've
    seen as it was apparently a separate SKU. Hoping somewhere has it, or
    something close to it.
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