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    And btw. is this newsgroup dead ?

    I did a blog post about it ages ago. I started a DOOM port, but kind
    lost interest as doing the graphics was going to be a MAJOR PITA, and I didn't see the DOOM on Xenix thing being all that big of a deal.

    I guess the same goes for Quake or QuakeWorld.

    With MESS you can emulate a 386 or 486 along with one of the network
    cards that Xenix actually supports, the 3c503 adapter.

    http://virtuallyfun.superglobalmegacorp.com/2013/12/09/virtual-xenix- the-internet/

    Oddly enough I had issues keeping a real Pentium based machine online
    more than a couple of days, just like the emulated system.

    Yeah, I am a visitor of the blog since years.
    Instead of using MESS64, I was just using a DOS based sector-by-sector
    backup tool and VMPlayer. And yes, even network is still running, too.

    See http://www.z80.eu/blog/index.php?entry=entry150604-180000


    Wow that's pretty cool!

    I forgot, but a few years ago I helped some city government move their
    xenix to virtual so one person could log into it, and print some reports
    and crap.

    I'm pretty sure it's still alivle in weird places.

    Probably on MFM disks too.

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