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    From Janis Papanagnou@21:1/5 to hongy...@gmail.com on Wed Dec 29 15:55:11 2021
    Your posts are getting worse and worse it seems. First: google for
    "usenet netiquette", then try to understand them, then try to comply.

    On 29.12.2021 15:32, hongy...@gmail.com wrote:
    On Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS, I installed the following intel oneapi toolkits:


    At the same time, I use Lmod [1] to generate the corresponding environment module file as follows:


    [372 lines of uncommented non-shell-code/data deleted]


    But I want to eliminate variable values ​​or functions that contain "python" or "conda" keywords from the above Lua modulefile. I mean, if the "python" or "conda" keywords is included in the variable's name, then remove the whole variable; if the
    they only appear in value part of a variable, then remove the correponding entry from the variable's value list, say, following ones should be removed totally:

    setenv("CONDA_SHLVL","1") setenv("CONDA_EXE","/opt/intel/oneapi/intelpython/latest/bin/conda")

    And the following ones should one remove the correponding entry from the variable's value list:


    i.e., changed to the following one:


    OTOH, for all the functions, if "python" or "conda" keywords appear in the function body/name, then remove them totally.

    Is there any trick to do this job?

    Yes. It's called do your homework!

    Show us relevant test samples of appropriate size, show us what you have
    tried so far, and tell us why it hasn't worked as you expected, and ask concrete shell-related questions where you need support.

    And learn to make sensible posts; there's enough information also about
    that on the Net.

    [1] https://lmod.readthedocs.io/en/latest/


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