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    You think spaces in filenames are weird? I often made a habit of making
    a directory named \n (well, a literal newline) to test my shell scripts.
    I figured if they could deal with a newline, they could probably deal
    with most other things. Also to freak out people peeking at my $HOME. :)

    If you really want to freak them out, put \r in the filenames.

    macOS lets users assign custom icons to files and folders. When you do it
    for a folder, the system stores the icon in the folder in a file named "Icon\r", with a 0D byte at the end. These files are hidden in most
    contexts, but occasionally an application will include one in a file
    listing, and then you usually see the bottom half of the word "Icon" with a weird space under it.

    (It looks like you're posting from a Mac, so maybe you were alluding to

    The built-in (BSD) ls renders these files as Icon? in file listings, which is... not super helpful. GNU ls and exa both display the name more
    explicitly, as 'Icon'$'\r' or Icon\r (with the \r in red), respectively.


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