• how do I get rid of bogus "dump"?

    From Winston@21:1/5 to All on Wed Nov 23 11:43:42 2022
    Recently, a HDD quit working. Both its freebsd-zfs partition and its freebsd-swap partition were parts of mirrors. I replaced the drive.
    The new drive has the same ada drive number as the drive that failed.

    I removed the old drive's p3 (d0zfs) from its zfs/mirror and added the
    new drive's p3 (d2zfs). It resilvered.

    I didn't remember or think that maybe something similar needed to be
    done to the gmirror swap partition, because, hey, it's swap space and I
    was rebooting.

    When the system boots up, I now get the alert:

    Nov 21 09:05:42 savecore[833]: unknown version (1) in last dump header on /dev/mirror/swap1

    What's a good way to clear that?

    Additional notes:

    * savecore -C repeats the warning.

    * savecore -c repeats the warning, adds "no dumps found", and does not
    fix the problem.

    Various ideas have come to mind:

    1) try just gmirror remove and gmirror insert;

    2) try gmirror remove, dd zero the partition, then gmirror insert;
    3) fill up RAM+swap virtual memory space in order to overwrite whatever
    it is.

    I don't have a lot of confidence in any of those approaches, though.

    What would you recommend? Thanks!

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