• Knowledge about cellular automata

    From ViStefan@21:1/5 to All on Tue Sep 4 17:10:57 2018
    Hello everyone!

    I'm rather new to cellular automata. So I need advice how to start with it?

    I don't have any scientific purpose to learn them, but seeing Conway's
    Life or Rule 110 I'm deeply impressed and inspired. What a simple rules
    can cause such a complex systems to appear. So, I think the idea is not
    to prove something or count something, but just learn cellular automata
    as a way of thinking and, maybe, of living. I believe, this should be
    something like learning of new language, you should became common not
    only with some formal rules but with culture, history and sort of people
    of country which uses this language as native.

    So, my question is: where can I find this knowledge, to be common with
    cellular automata? What are the best related books, that could be
    beginner's guide?

    In learning we always should see the goal, the ideals or some
    unreachable point to toward to, otherwise we don't know where to go. So
    my second question is: what is you routines, what is your pleasure in
    learning automata. Do you play it, or research it, or maybe something else?

    Best regards,

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