• Birds (flying) in Langton's ant

    From genarojm@21:1/5 to All on Fri Nov 4 22:15:27 2016
    A non trivial history displays a global behavior as birds (flying) in Langton's ant. The initial condition displays two ants in a volume of 19x38 cells. First ant (upper right side) walking to the north. Second ant (lower left side) walking to the south,
    where other seven cells are label in dark plus the ant. Period of this pattern appear later of 13,961 generations. So, four pairs of these ants are coded to illustrate this pattern.

    Frequently, these kind of patterns emerging in Langton's ant are with symmetric trajectories. An interesting fact in this evolution is that the second ant (lower left) can walk on the area defined from the first ant before to return to its trajectory. To
    see this effect speeds should be manipulated. This simulation is performed with Golly. Specific initial condition is:

    33 rows in stable state

    X means labeled cells.
    1 ants
    . stable state



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