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    Release date: April 5, 2017

    Syncro Soft, the developer of the Oxygen XML suite of products, is proud to announce the immediate availability of version 19.0 of its industry leading XML editing suite of products, Oxygen XML Editor, Author, Developer, Web Author, and WebHelp.

    Oxygen XML Editor Suite 19.0:

    Oxygen 19.0 brings you a variety of new features and improvements that will make your XML authoring and developing experience more productive and powerful than ever before.

    New Features and Improvements in Oxygen XML Editor include:

    * Productivity improvements for DITA that allow you to quickly create multiple new topics at once, convert topics to different types, reuse and link content faster than ever, move and rename topics while automatically updating all references, and
    additional checks for the DITA map validation.

    * DocBook editing support was updated to include the new 5.1 features and you now have the ability to insert media objects in DocBook documents, as well as the ability to publish tracked changes and comments in PDF output.

    * WebHelp received a variety of improvements, including the addition of search auto-completion, phrase search, better sorting, and results pagination.

    * A new built-in CSS to PDF processing engine called Chemistry makes it very easy to style and customize the PDF output using CSS and without the need of an additional commercial CSS to PDF engine.

    * The Markdown editor comes with more DITA-specific features to allow you to use Markdown together with DITA and you now have the ability to see the XML structure in the Preview panel.

    * XSLT development support was improved with new refactoring actions, support for code quality assurance checks, and improved error localization. Rules were added to automatically detect name conflicts and you now have access to actions to add
    documentation stubs for templates and functions.

    * XSLT/XQuery Debugger users now have more access to configure the Debugger workspace since the Output view and other information views are now dockable.

    * You now have the ability to define placeholders in document templates that provide hints for Authors to help them understand what type of content should be added at any particular location within the document.

    Oxygen XML Web Author 19.0:

    Oxygen XML Web Author provides an innovative web-based structured authoring tool. Its powerful technology and adaptive interface allows you to review, contribute, and edit content from anywhere that you can access a browser, on desktops, tablets, or
    mobile devices.

    New Features added in Oxygen XML Web Author version 19.0 include:

    * An enhanced search mechanism that provides more intuitive search functions and includes several new options to help you find and replace content.

    * A new Validation side view that provides details about detected problems and offers fixes to help you solve them.

    * Internationalization support and the user interface localized in English, German, Dutch, Japanese, and French.

    There are also various other improvements to make your authoring, collaborating, and reviewing experience more efficient, accurate, and productive.

    As usual, this release of Oxygen also contains numerous new API and component updates.

    For the complete list of new features and detailed information, please visit http://www.oxygenxml.com/index.html#new-version

    Oxygen 19.0 can be freely evaluated for 30 days from http://www.oxygenxml.com/download.html
    The new Oxygen XML Web Author can also be tested online at https://www.oxygenxml.com/webapp-demo-aws/app/oxygen.html


    To purchase Oxygen XML Editor, Author, Developer or WebHelp, please visit the Oxygen XML store at
    The Oxygen XML Web Author is available through several subscription packages at http://www.oxygenxml.com/webauthor/#buy
    If you are interested in triggering some of the processing provided by Oxygen from other processes, you can do that using the new Oxygen XML Scripting license. For details, please contact us at sales@oxygenxml.com.

    About Syncro Soft

    Syncro Soft develops the industry-acclaimed Oxygen XML Editor, facilitating teams in small businesses, Fortune 500 enterprises, universities, government agencies, and international organizations in authoring documents, publishing in different formats,
    collaborating with team members, and managing content. At the same time, Oxygen enables XML developers to develop advanced style-sheets, edit schema, generate documentation, debug files, and connect databases. It is the only tool that supports all XML
    schema languages. It provides the widest coverage of state-of-the-art XML technologies, complies with standards of World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and of other organizations, and enhances productivity through an intuitive and innovative authoring and
    development environment.

    Oxygen is a registered trademark of Syncro Soft in the U.S and other countries. Any other trademarks or service marks contained herein are the property of their respective owners.

    SOURCE: Syncro Soft SRL

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