• *SOLVED - code suggestion / bug fix in linux terminal/weechat

    From Brandon Holland@21:1/5 to All on Wed Aug 18 20:08:14 2021
    Can someone tell me what I broke here or if there's a better way to fix this? This solves a key bind issue I was having with moving to previous/next word in linux/weechat on PuTTY.

    This is specific to putty at least it works with ssh.exe
    (ssh to linux box from windows)

    I made the changes to terminal.c past line 7194.

    I wasn't sure what the app_flg or /x1BO did and didn't want over complicate anything before having a better idea.

    Can something to this affect be added in the mainline?

    /* Useful mapping of Ctrl-arrows */

    if (ctrl)
    app_flg = !app_flg;

    if (app_flg)
    p += sprintf(p, "\x1BO%c", xkey);

    p += sprintf(p, "\x1B[%c", xkey);
    if (ctrl && xkey == 67)
    p += sprintf(p, "\x1B[1;5C");
    else if (ctrl && xkey == 68)
    p += sprintf(p, "\x1B[1;5D");
    p += sprintf(p, "\x1B[%c", xkey);

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