• Bull Questar 310 BQ 3102

    From Volker Englisch@21:1/5 to All on Fri Feb 26 16:56:33 2021
    I have some serial terminals connected to a server running NetBSD.
    Indeed, I use them for regular work ;-) While the DEC VT510 works
    perfectly, there is a problem with the Bull Questar.

    In the system setup of the terminal, there are the following choices:

    Emulation mode Character set User preferred set
    VT300 8b/Ctl ( ) 94 char. national ( ) DEC supplemental
    VT300 7b/Ctl ( ) 94 char. internat. ( ) ISO Latin 1
    VT100 ( ) Extended

    Terminal ID Disconnect after ( ) Local display
    VT320 ( ) 2 seconds
    VT220 ( ) 60 Mseconds

    Numeric pad Cursor keys ( ) Auto Wrap
    ( ) Numeric ( ) Normal ( ) Display ctrl characters
    ( ) Application ( ) Application

    No matter what combinations I choose, I either have no national
    characters displayed, or I can't use the arrow keys for navigation e.g.
    inside an editor.

    No matter what I set $TERM to (vt320, vt220, vt102). It makes no
    difference at all. Furthermore the terminal isn't initialized by
    "tset", only few options are set by stty.

    Every time I try to activate "ISO Latin 1", it's automatically reset to
    "DEC" as soon as the setup is saved. Well, that shouldn't matter for
    the relevant characters are at the same place in both charsets...

    Any idea how to setup that terminal for working national (8bit)
    characters as well as useable arrow keys...?


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